I’m a writer from Bedfordshire, U.K, who lives close enough to London to feel it in my veins and far enough away to not have to use the Tube every day (don’t hate on me Londoners, I’m short and have to spend most of my journeys nestled in people’s armpits).

Having had my head turned by the words of James Herbert and Stephen King when I was eleven years old (courtesy of books stolen from my dad’s bookcase and read in secret), I began writing tales about haunted houses and hidden passageways in libraries in a kind of Famous Five meets Goosebumps mash-up. After joining Wattpad eight years ago, tales of strange noises in locked rooms eventually became tales about young women who could ‘sense’ vampires, psychotic fan-girls and spider-eating Grandmas.

I’m now a member of the Wattpad Stars Program and have achieved almost 7 million online reads across my combined works, including over 2 million alone for my #1 Featured urban fantasy novel, Playing Dead. I’ve been commissioned to write stories for brands such as Universal Pictures and the A&E TV Network in the states and I’ve had 3 works listed as Wattpad ‘Featured’ reads.

A daughter of Londoners, I’m fascinated by the city and I’m never happier than when forcing my characters down darkened alleyways, throwing them into sludgy canals, or locking them in deserted asylums and derelict churches. Many of my stories are set in the capital and are paranormal/horror, hence the Urban Fantasist moniker, but I have also been known to venture out to the swamp-infested creeks of the U.S, 1920’s Boston and the shores of the Black Sea in the 17th century.

These days I split my time between writing, doing the school-run, commuting to London every day, selling fashion jewellery and having flashes of inspiration at 1am.