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Matt Corby @ Koko London 19th June 2013


Okay so I should have written this post two weeks ago and I’m sure some out there who knew I had plans to review the Matt Corby gig, thought that I’d either a) forgotten or b) couldn’t be arsed.

Well, the truth is I had sort of been putting it off. Not because I didn’t want to write the review, but because I just didn’t know how to write it. After all, what could I possibly say that would ever do the gig, or the man himself, any justice?

A Matt Corby gig, I have discovered, really is something you just have to experience. Without going to one, I don’t think you would ever truly understand how amazing he is live. And I don’t mean to come across really gushy here or fan-girly, it’s just the truth, plain and simple.

I have to admit I probably came to the party much later than many of Matts fans, having first heard about him when Fearne Cotton punted his song Brother as her Big Thing on her Radio One show. I recall Fearne saying back then that she had been to see him live and that his voice was one of the most incredible live voices she had heard and since learning a bit more about him and talking to fellow fans on Tumblr and Twitter, so many of them said the same. So, you know, when I got tickets to see him at Koko, I went along with fairly high expectations but I never expected to be as completely blown away by his show as I was.

Koko was rammed. I mean, literally every inch of space seemed to be crammed full of people eager to get a bit closer to the front and when Matt first came on stage and broke into his track Water and Wine, one girl at the front decided to screech “you’re fit!” at the top of her voice and I couldn’t help but think “Urgh, here we go, this is going to be fangirl city” but I wasn’t quite prepared for the hush that descended over the venue once Matt started to sing.

To start a gig with Water and Wine is brave. I’m used to acts getting up there and totally rocking out on the first track to ensure the crowd gets all fired up, but this was the quietest I’d ever heard a London crowd. Literally everyone stopped and drank it all in and from that point on, I knew Matt had reeled everyone in with nothing but his voice. In fact, quite often throughout I was shocked at how the crowd was just stunned into this awed silence and I even heard people being shushed whenever they dared to speak over a song.

New single Resolution received a tumultuous reception despite not having yet been released over here (the release date is 16th July) and everyone sang along like it was already an old favourite. Souls A’Fire literally brought the place down halfway through the gig and Untitled (my personal fave) had everyone holding their breath until the final note.

One thing I would say about Matt is that he’s not predictable. He could have opened with a storming rock song like Souls A’Fire and he could have encored with inarguably his most well-known song Brother, because that’s what I would have expected but he didn’t. Ending the show with Big Eyes (duetted exquisitely by the angel voiced Bree Tranter) and My False was a surprising but amazing choice and left everyone in the audience wide-eyed and wanting even more.

And I’m happy to say Fearne Cotton was right. Everyone was right. I’ve been to a few gigs in my time and no one – yep not even my favourite Followill – tops Matt Corby vocally. He really does have the most incredible live voice I have ever heard in my life and I don’t think anyone I will see will ever beat him. Yup. He really is that good.

But don’t take my word for it. Or even Fearne’s for that matter. Just go to a gig. Because unless you go, you will never truly get it and no review in the world will ever prepare you for just how talented this guy really is.

Photo credit: @r-e-w-i-n-d-d from Tumblr

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