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Kings of Leon O2 Arena London, 12th June 2013


Did I mention it was my birthday last week? Despite the fact that a certain American diner decided to keep taunting me with emails reminding me of my age in big bold letters, I refused to let the day go by without celebrating in the best way possible and what better way could there be than with 20,000 people and four guys from Nashville?

As if they KNEW it was my birthday, Kings of Leon scheduled two gigs at the O2 arena during my birthday week and lets face it, it would have been rude of me not to turn up to my own party, right?

It’s been a while since we saw their faces on our shores, particularly after the troubles that followed the release of difficult ‘beachy’ fifth album Come Around Sundown and so this long-awaited tour was bound to be met with some trepidation and anxiety. We’re fans. We want the show to be amazing. We want all our favourite songs. And we want a gig that we know we will be talking about forever.

And I’m so damn pleased to say this gig did all that and so much more.

The break has done the boys the world of good. They looked happy….yes, happy! And we had smiles throughout. They looked refreshed, sounded INCREDIBLE and the energy was just off the scale. I was fortunate enough to go to the Radio One Rivoli Ballroom gig and I have to say, as awesome as it was, I always felt it would ruin any future gigs for me. After all, what could possibly top seeing your favourite band – a stadium/arena band no less – in an 800 capacity venue with just 300 people in attendance?

Well, I have to say Wednesday’s gig at the O2 was pretty damn amazing competition. The set list was stunning – we got Milk, Cold Desert, Molly’s Chambers, Crawl, the obligatory SoF and two new songs from the yet-to-be-released album, to name but a few! Apparently the set list on the Thursday gig was even better….I was more than a little jealous that the Thursday crowd got Arizona, Trani and Holy Roller Novocaine but there’s no way I’m complaining about the Wednesday tunes!

The crowd was totally fired up and finding ourselves just a couple of rows back from the barrier on Matty’s side, we had one hell of a party. I can’t remember dancing so much at a gig (barring Kasabian at Wembley Stadium) and I think I smiled more than the band did. With a raucous encore of Closer, Use Somebody and Black Thumbnail, we left the arena with literally no voices, very sore feet and on a buzz that would last for days.

If this gig is anything to go by….our boys are definitely back….not that they ever left us mind you, but they’ve definitely left thousands of fans chomping at the bit for the new album and fingers crossed for a showcase tour before Christmas πŸ™‚


If you want to follow the band’s progress on this tour and the summer festival dates, please check out @KoLFanblog on twitter, Facebook and as the girls continue to keep us all updated on all the dates and latest KoL news

8 thoughts on “Kings of Leon O2 Arena London, 12th June 2013

  1. Hey, Lindsey! *waves* Aw! How did I miss your birthday? *slaps hand* Actually, I do know. It’s because I’ve been taking some time off of late and have gone days without turning on my laptop. Happy belated birthday!
    Good for you. Sounds like you had a good one. I haven’t seen any shows in a while. We’re sitting on tickets to the California Midstate Fair this July where we will be seeing Matchbox Twenty and Goo Goo Dolls. Should be very good. Can’t wait. You take care of yourself, my friend. *hugs*



    1. Thank you Jimmy! And hey don’t worry….the older you get, the less you want people to know about it haha. I love Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls…that sounds so awesome! Days without the laptop? How are you managing it? LOL my iPad and I are practically surgically attached πŸ™‚
      Thanks for dropping by as always x


  2. Thank you SO much for writing this post, Linds. Yes, I am TOTALLY jealous, but great to get the insider info on what was obviously an awesome night. Obviously I think it was equally awesome they made the appearance JUST for you too (keep believing it, girl!). πŸ˜‰ xx


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