Dark Sanctuary

Dark Sanctuary is on Facebook!

Evening friends, bloggers, writers and Kermit the Frog.

Just a short post to let you all know that I’ve created a Facebook page for my Dark Sanctuary series.

If you are a DS fan, please feel free to come along and give it the big thumbs up, or even if you haven’t read the series but have been following my WordPress posts, please come along also and show your support, I would love to see you all there.


Have a wonderful weekend all, it’s our penultimate bank holiday of the year in the UK so I will be spending it lazing on the sofa, flicking through endless TV channels of nothing and eating my weight in indoor picnic buffet food. It’s a tough life, eh?

Linz xxxxx20130503-232722.jpg

5 thoughts on “Dark Sanctuary is on Facebook!

  1. Consider it done, my friend. I just came from that page. I hope you’re not just sitting there eating all that food. On the other hand, I’m only as far as my freshly cleaned patio and doing my very best to get to the bottom of the bottle of white zinfandel I just opened. 🙂 My next glass is in your honor. Cheers, my dear friend!



    1. Hey Jimmy thanks so much for the FB like. Great to see you there! And no, actually my bank holiday weekend was pretty busy but lots of fun. I didn’t eat too much buffet food, but I may just have over-dosed on Chinese take-out 😉
      Thanks again my friend!


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