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Happy Star Wars Day!!!


Today is International Star Wars Day and time for me to release my inner nerd!

Sorry I couldn’t resist posting this but yes, I admit, I’m a Star Wars fan. Not only do I love the films and characters, but Star Wars just brings back memories of my childhood that will always stay with me. Usually those memories include my big brother as he is a massive fan, so to him, I dedicate this post.

For me it conjures up memories of Christmas as you could guarantee one of the films was always on TV on Christmas Day. Also my brother and I would always laugh at the part in the bar, in Star Wars IV: A New Hope (although back then it was just Star Wars lol) when the band was playing, because our dad was in a band and we used to giggle and name each weird alien creature after members of our day’s band (sorry dad).

It also reminds me of how my brother had all these Star Wars figures and he used to spend literally forever setting up these camps using MY Ladybird books, stacking up this pyramid tower and placing each figure inside his/her own ‘tent’. I always wanted to play soooooo bad, but he’d never let me so usually I’d go in and kick the side of the pyramid so it would all collapse. Evil, right? Ha!

Anyway, whatever memories it conjures, I’ll always love Star Wars and now I have a son of my own, I get to release my inner nerd without fear of being pointed out and shamed for my total geekiness. And geekiness isn’t even a word, so that makes me an even bigger geek.

Live long and prosper. Shit, wrong film.

May the Fourth be with you. Always.

6 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!!!

  1. Hi Linzi,my wife wouldn’t let me go grocery shopping as Jabba the Hutt because she reminded me, no shoes no shirt no starwars themed cake,so I relented. But she did make some Blue Milk like Aunt Beru use to make Luke Skywalker and it’s a simple recipe.1 cup milk,1/2 tea spoon unsweetened blue fruit punch-1 table spoon sugar,now I added rum to mine as well which made it better.Have a great day Linzi


  2. Do not ever tell anyone this, but I saw the original Star Wars at a drive in theater. Wish I could say I was in an infant car seat but I wasnt. Happy SD day Lindsey, funny post, thanks


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