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Happy Easter my lovelies!
I’m buzzing from my second review – this time for Lost Creatures, book two in the Dark Sanctuary series!
Thank you Jules and Tina….looking forward to all your future book recommendations. Wishing you much success with the blog xoxo

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HA! We were waiting to review this one.” Lost Creatures” is the second Book from the Dark Sactuary Series. After we finished ” Dark Sanctuary” we felt like someone poured a bucket of water over our heads. Not a great feeling at all! We hunted ” Lost Creatures” down and immediately started reading Sarah and Michaels adventure. Aaah, Michael….well….we´ll get to him later.:-) Sarah continues to bump into supernatural beings who continue to chase her down want her dead. This Book has so many twisting events that left us constantly surprised during every page. We´ve read alot of books where, at some point, we hoped the scene would change immediately because it was either *cough cough* boring or just not so important. Linzi Clarke made sure that that wouldn´t happen with this book. And bless her for that! We met new characters in this book that we learned to love…

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