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Evening lovelies,
I just earned my first ever review for Dark Sanctuary courtesy of new book blog Divas Daily Bookblog!!!
As an unpublished writer, I feel so very honoured to receive a review particularly as I know the published works that these ladies read and as always, I’m still staggered that anyone wants to read the series, let alone like it enough to want to recommend it.
Thank you so much Jules and Tina from Divas. I shall go to sleep tonight, wearing not only the remnants of too many Easter eggs, but also a HUGE smile :)))

Divas Book Blog

ds Wow. We were taken on a little ride with this Series.When we read Dark Sanctuary we totally thought from the very beginning that this wasn´t your typical ” Vampire / Human ” story. Nope. We didn´t find any Bella / Edward or any Stefan / Damon / Elaina here. Don´t get us wrong….we loved the all the Twilight-ies and we love us some Vampire Diaries brothers, but we needed a different Vampire / Human tale….AND WE FOUND IT!! Woo – hoo! What a pleasant surprise this book was! We loved how the Author discribed the characters and how she really beautifully discribed the feelings each character was feeling. Dark Sanctuary was an easy read….which is of course for us an A+. We fell in love the the heroine, Sarah, who was difficult but yet had a strong head on her shoulders. We liked how she managed to make her choices…

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