Music Monday

#MusicMonday – JT…..he’s sexy and he’s bringing it back…..


Well it’s been simply FOREVER since I posted a #MusicMonday tune for you all, but this week there is just one song that I can’t get out of my head and it’s totally tied into my writing of Blood Wars.

So far, I have somehow managed to get away with writing about 80,000 words of Blood Wars without Michael in a single scene and but I’m sensing the Wattpad readers starting to get a little anxious over whether he is coming back at all.

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about his comeback scene, how he will look, what he will say and how he will react when he finds out just what Sarah has been up to during his lengthy absence.

I’m happy to say that within the next couple of weeks, I think he will be well and truly back and giving the girls something to swoon over seeing as a sexy vampire seems to be a given these days in any vampire novel.

And okay, I know the song is slightly cheesy and I can’t imagine Michael ever rocking out to this one, but I can’t stop humming it in my head every time I think about him.

Back off JT, I’m the one bringing sexy back and his name’s Michael.

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