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Tumblr, Tea Cups and Being Fearless

Hello again readers, bloggers, friends and weirdo’s

It’s been a week of healthy obsessions, reading and well….snow. Lots of snow.

At this point I probably should insert an obligatory snowy landscape picture but if you live in the UK at the moment, you’re probably sick to death of seeing photos of snow-covered front gardens and deformed looking snowmen.

Us Brits don’t cope well in the snow. We have a tendency to go into full-on meltdown. We panic-buy at the supermarkets as if Armageddon is heading our way. Only the Second Coming or Taylor Swift’s new relationship gets more press coverage. We literally imprison ourselves in our homes, whilst the Canadians wet themselves laughing at us.

“Snow?” they say, “you call that snow?”

Erm. Yes.

One notable difference this year is that it’s probably the first time in four years that I haven’t looked out at the snow and shuddered like the legions of Hell were waiting to devour me as soon as I step one foot outside my front door. I’m still not going to declare my undying love for it, but to me, it’s progress. In fact, believe it or not, as I looked out into the garden in the very early hours of this morning and saw how the snow illuminated the night sky, for a fleeting moment, I did think it looked quite beautiful and even had the urge to take a walk in it, despite it being only 1am.

But nevertheless, this weekend, I’m going to join the masses, fight with people at the supermarket over the last packet of Chocolate digestives, dodge snowballs, probably fail miserably and be hit square in the face, sob, then procrastinate on my sofa.

Tumblr seems the best way to procrastinate at the moment. It doesn’t require much thought or energy. It just requires the ability to harbour a healthy obsession for re-blogging pictures of Matt Corby, vintage tea-cups and book quotes. It’s safe to say, I’m slightly addicted again. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t require much thought or energy or maybe it’s just a good way to take my mind off the writer’s block.

Another way to do that, I often find, is to read. What better way to spark that inspiration you need than to read a bloody good book? Wattpad seems to be my destination of choice these days and I’m currently reading two great books: The Key to Erebus by Emma V. Leech & Roisin O’Connor and The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden. Both are gripping reads and I’ve been hooked with every chapter, so if you love vampire/paranormal fiction and want something new and addictive to fire your imagination, please do go check these out.




For those interested in my Wattpad adventure, Dark Sanctuary and Lost Creatures are both now fully uploaded and Blood Wars is in the process of being posted. However as Blood Wars is still very much a work in progress, the uploads are much less frequent so I’m hoping people stick with it until I finally manage to finish it. It’s currently at #79 in the vampire category and at one point it was #65 so the feedback is already really positive. My rankings are fluctuating wildly by the day, so if you’re currently reading all three books via Wattpad, please remember to keep voting on each chapter and please do leave me a comment or two as I enjoy learning what people think of Sarah and Michael. Or alternatively if you have already read the first two books, please go onto Wattpad and cast your votes as this will help to push them up the rankings too!

Anyway, with the snow forecast to be with us for the next few days at least, I think its a good opportunity to be fearless, beat my fists against my chest like the veritable silverback and attempt to tackle the writer’s block.

Or I may just click on the Tumblr app and re-blog pictures of a pretty Australian man with a beautiful voice 😉


4 thoughts on “Tumblr, Tea Cups and Being Fearless

  1. If you don’t like the snow I will gladly shift the winds for you and swing things in my direction. But just my luck New York and the North Dakota would get it all before it hit Seattle. Shucks. I love hearing what other people think about snow. Around here people look at me like I’m crazy when I declare I would like a good two feet of the stuff. What can I say? I’m Alaskan. I’m reading the Snow Child by fellow Alaskan Eowyn Ivey and it makes me home sick so it is hard to get through. As for Vampire stories you always suggest just the right stories, thank you! And I will get over to Wattpad and help you out with your ranking. Enjoy the snow :).


    1. Thanks Kelley! Well if you didn’t like the snow, being Alaskan, I would wonder what the hell happened lol. You would actually laugh hysterically at our snow and our inability to cope when we get just five inches of the stuff…seriously!


  2. First of all – you are hilarious. I love your voice and I mean YOU (which is different from your character’s on WP).

    Second – I feel the exact same about snow, being both a Southerner AND a New Yorker. When is snows the city is so beautiful for about ten minutes until it turns into death-hazard-black-ice-frozen-pollution. YUCK!

    Third – Thank you so much for posting about The Casquette Girls, it’s so shocking for me to see it outside of Wattpad ❤ ❤ ❤

    Lastly – Emma, if you are reading this…I love seeing our books next to each other!!! ❤

    Merci Beaucoup!


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