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Hello readers, bloggers, friends and weirdo’s.

You’re probably wondering why I might be channelling my inner Gollum this week? We haven’t had a great start to the new year. Some complete loser broke into my car during the early hours of Monday morning and also attempted to get into our house. To be fair, I could pretty much saturate this post with rather colourful language, such is the power of my anger, but as I do not wish to pour such bile into my blog then I will refrain.

If I’m being honest, we were lucky. The car wasn’t damaged (they popped the lock quite easily) and they took my iPod, some CD’s and a box of diet coke. They also went round the back of our house and tried to get in, as we found footprints and the gate open. So all in all, I’m thankful they didn’t get in and didn’t cause any real damage, apart from that to my nervous system.

The thought of someone prowling around outside my house has left me feeling incredibly jittery and I am now all-too-aware of being more security conscious. It might sound strange but I now have this over-whelming feeling of being watched. Did they target my car on purpose? Did they target our house? Will they come back?

Well, whether it was planned or just opportunist, it’s probably best not to dwell too much on the darker aspects and just be on the alert to make sure we don’t leave ourselves open to any more nocturnal visits from the local scumbags who care nothing for a family who work bloody hard for very little, a family who want nothing more than to raise their child in a home where he can sleep safely.

I don’t hold out much hope they will get caught so all I can do is channel my inner Gollum and hope and pray that karma drops a rather heavy ACME piano on their bastard heads. If you would all join with me and pray for such a dastardly end to befall these scumbags, then I would most appreciate it 🙂



4 thoughts on “I HATES THEM!!

  1. I am so sorry that happened to you. You can go online to your itunes account and go to the “find my iphone” app. It will tell you exactly where this guy is. Hope everything turns out. I am sending rotten thoughts to rotten people. take care ~Kellee


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