Lost Creatures

Lost Creatures Wattpad Cover!

Hello bloggers, writers, weirdo’s and friends!

For those of you who haven’t yet seen this, this is my cover for Lost Creatures that I have mocked-up for Wattpad. It’s only temporary and needs quite a bit of work but I quite like the feel of it.

Thanks to my good friend Alison Watkins for the idea and for also giving it the all-important thumbs up before I uploaded it.

Hope you all like it….if you have read Lost Creatures, do let me know if you think it fits the story. Be kind…I’m not incredibly artistic so this is the best I could do in a short space of time.

lots of love, Linz x

3 thoughts on “Lost Creatures Wattpad Cover!

  1. Looks cool. On a side note:
    You’ve Been Nominated
    Hi. I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. Not sure of the exact rules, who started it, or where to find the exact rules. I think you are supposed to nominate 15 other blogs when you accept (kind of like chain letter/pyramid type advertising) but I know I won’t be advertising that many). Anyway, it only serves to help promote your blog. For more info, check out the appropriate post at my site on A Toast To Dragons. (The pasting of links hasn’t work on the last couple of sites, so in case it fails on yours, here’s the url: http://www.atoasttodragons.com).


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