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Wattpad: 28,000 WordPress: 7

Hello bloggers, readers, friends and weirdos.

You might have noticed my absence recently…..or possibly not, but I have somewhat neglected my little blog lately.

Now you might be a little bit miffed by that, well at least you would if you were one of the three people who read these random posts of mine. It’s fair to see I’m falling out of love with WordPress a bit.

You see, I have a new love. It’s big and it’s fun, and yeah I’m probably hanging out with One Direction fans, but it’s captured my heart all the same.

WordPress meet Wattpad. Wattpad meet WordPress.

It’s fair to say I’m addicted. I have uploaded all 47 chapters of Dark Sanctuary to Wattpad and so far it’s amassed over 28,000 reads. Don’t let that figure fool you though, that’s not technically 28,000 reads of the whole thing, although I’m hoping it will hit that eventually, but it actually means that it’s received 28,000 reads across all 47 chapters. As far as I can tell, every time someone clicks onto a chapter, it registers as a read so 28,000 might be a tad misleading, however it’s still way more hits than I’ve ever received on WordPress.

And you know what I think the key is?

Teenagers. Wattpad is simply teeming with them. They are literally everywhere over there and what’s more, they definitely have the power. I don’t think I ever truly thought about that market before other than to try and veer away from it. For some strange reason I always had a slight issue with who the books might appeal to. I didn’t want to write for teenagers, not because there’s anything wrong with doing that, but because I always thought my writing swayed more to the gritty side and in my head gritty meant adult. I wanted to reflect what I had grown up reading. In essence, I wanted to write what I like to read. I’ve even blogged on here about how I feel more comfortable writing more horror based short stories and felt slightly less sure about whether Dark Sanctuary is where I feel most confident as a writer.

But after checking out free e-reader Wattpad and deciding to throw Dark Sanctuary to the Wattpad wolves, I have to say I have completely changed my mind about where I think I should pitch it. And the more I re-read and edit each chapter before I upload it, I wonder why I never pitched it there before. Yes, I think it’s heavier than standard YA but it still seems to appeal to the teen reader and why not? After all, if I was reading classic horror at aged eleven, it stands to reason that many teens want something that’s a bit meatier.

They get it. I’m not saying my adult readers don’t get it because I know they do, but I’ve discovered that Dark Sanctuary definitely appeals to a younger audience and for once I feel completely comfortable with that. I love how they throw themselves into it. They live, breathe and eat the characters. They get angry. They fall in love. They jump for joy. They shed tears. They get totally passionate about what’s happening. They don’t care about showing they care. And okay, so my vampires don’t sparkle, but most of my Wattpad readers seem to think that’s a good thing.

So after three years since I finished writing Dark Sanctuary, I think I have finally found it a home. And today, when fabulous YA novelist Michelle Muto referred to me on twitter as her ‘fellow YA author’ I think I found myself a home too.

Note: by the way if you were wondering what the WordPress: 7 referred to, it was the number of blog views I received the day I started writing this post. No contest really 😉

5 thoughts on “Wattpad: 28,000 WordPress: 7

  1. Your achievements for your story are really good. I need to check out WattPad myself. What I’ve noticed is most people like to upload their fiction on their blogs but there are plenty of places for them to upload them. One place in particular I’d recommend is ReadWave.
    You can build up an audience around your story by starting small writing short stories now and allowing your readers to download and share. Please check out the site here: readwave.com


      1. I will definitely let you know! I want to post an original story there myself.

        If you do sign up to ReadWave, please link me to your account when you upload your stories there.


  2. I discovered wattpad a couple of month ago, and have been contemplating on whether I should invest more time into it. It seems, getting reads on it is easier than wordpress, but the thought of having to start over after building a readership on my blog feels tiresome already.

    Do you think I should give wattpad more time? How long did it take before you got that amount of reads?


    1. Hi Jeyna, I have a love/hate relationship with Wattpad, love because it is a wonderful way to get your work out into a much larger and more accessible forum than WordPress, but hate because you do have to put the time in and that in itself can become the devil on your back 😉
      To give you some idea of the reads you can achieve I started posting my novel Playing Dead back in August 2013 and to date I’ve achieved over 650,000 reads. This is skewed as each time someone clicks on a page of text in your book, that registers as a read, but a read is a read and posting there has definitely provided a wider audience. The reason it takes so much time is 1) to build your profile you need to put in time getting to know other writers, reading, voting and commenting on their work, generally taking part and then 2) if you start to generate good reads, be prepared to spend time to respond to comments so that your readers get to know you, this in itself will generate more reads etc.
      I hope this helps. I would recommend it, but like I said, factor in some time.


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