Music Monday

#MusicMonday – Kodaline ‘All I Want’

Monday’s here and almost done, but there’ still time for a Music Monday post 🙂

Kodaline are a four-piece band hailing from Dublin and I recently discovered them when Fearne Cotton chose their song All I Want as her Big Thing on her Radio 1 show.

Reading the press about them is slightly frustrating and I can’t help feeling more than a little irritated at the tired music journo comparisons to U2: “Oh they’re from Ireland so we MUST compare them to U2”. Also there’s the Coldplay comparison and we all know that Coldplay are the marmite of bands – you either like them or you hate them – so obviously the press seems quite divided about Kodaline – they either back them, or they’ve decided that if Radio 1 like them, then clearly, they must hate them. After all, if they’re being backed by our most mainstream radio station, then the chances of them being successful is pretty good, and if there’s one thing our music journo’s hate more than anything….it’s success. We want new bands to struggle. We want them to go through the blood, sweat and tears of playing to ten people every night, five of whom are asleep and the other five throwing pints. We don’t want them to feel like….well, like one day they might be a U2 or a Coldplay.

Anyway, don’t listen to the journo’s. Make up your own mind. You might hate them….or you might just love them. The song is a bit of a slow burner to start, but turns into a total anthemic rip-roarer towards the end.

But the video is definitely one that has had people talking. Some say it’s a tear-jerker, some that it’s just weird……well, I say both are true. It’s a weirdy tear-jerker.

Give it a listen…let me know what you think.

Enjoy 🙂





2 thoughts on “#MusicMonday – Kodaline ‘All I Want’

  1. It’s not really my taste until it really gets going towards the end, but it’s always good to get recommendations of new bands – I’ve found some corkers that way! I agree bands get pigeon-holed and compared too much too.


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