Music Monday

#MusicMonday -Faithless ‘Insomnia’

Dance music. Possibly not quite what you thought I might post for my #MusicMonday slot?

Strangely, I went through a whole period of listening to a lot of dance music a year or two before I had my son, mostly inspired by the fact the local gym I went to used to play nothing BUT dance music. I don’t listen to it now, but Faithless is a band that will stay with me, particularly this track.

Insomnia is probably one of my fave tracks of all time. I could listen to Maxi Jazz’s voice all day, if I could just sit him in my car and have him recite poetry to me, I reckon my journey to work would be far less stressful. I sort of also like the idea of writing him into The Dark Sanctuary series as a vampire – he’d make an excellent vamp.

I think I also like this track as I suffer from recurring bouts of insomnia so I guess I can relate – although I’ve never torn off anybody’s tights with my teeth, not even my own 😉



3 thoughts on “#MusicMonday -Faithless ‘Insomnia’

  1. That is weird! I was thinking yesterday that I didn’t like rap music, but I could listen to Maxi Jazz and how well the whole Faithless thing went together and how much I loved listening to them and how I wish I had seen them live ………….


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