Music Monday

Belated #MusicMonday – INXS Never Tear Us Apart

Yes, yes, I know. Just when you thought it was Tuesday, I have thrown you right back into the horror that was Monday. A thousand apologies but yesterday I was too busy delving into the wonders of Wattpad (tales for a later post) and completely forgot to post my usual Monday tune.

However, on the journey home from work tonight, I was shuffling through song on my iPod, as is my current car journey game, and I came across Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. Hearing this song made me realise how much I miss this band and how I don’t listen to their music nearly enough so I thought it would be worthy of a Music Monday (albeit belated) post.

This one is a particular favourite of mine, the video which was filmed in Prague, is just beautiful and of course, there’s the man himself Michael Hutchence.

It did make me wonder whether my love for the name Michael has roots in my love for Mr Hutchence, although my Michael is nothing like Michael Hutchence. However, new character Nathaniel is definitely a Michael Hutchence/Eddie Vedder hybrid.

In my wildest fantasies and dreams beyond dreams, if Dark Sanctuary were ever made into a film, I think this song would suit it perfectly as the credits rolled up at the end. I could totally imagine Michael saying this to Sarah, although she would probably tell him not to be such a soppy bastard…..

“We could live, for a thousand years,

And if I hurt you, I’d make wine from your tears…”



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