Music Monday

#MusicMonday – Band of Skulls – Cold Fame

I would love to say Happy Monday to you all, but I’m in a very grumpy mood today (the hubby will testify to this) so I will just leave you with this post.

The wonderful Band of Skulls who I am majorly excited to see again later this year in December.  I saw this band earlier this year at Camden Roundhouse and hand on heart can say it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. If you love rock bands and love live music, you have to see these guys.

I wanted to post Cold Fame from the Roundhouse gig, but the vids were all of pretty dubious quality so I’m posting this one from The Limelight in Belfast taken earlier this year by my twitter friend Kelly.

This has pretty fast worked its way into my list of all-time fave songs, its beautiful.

Go listen….grow a beard…..learn to play guitar…..but you’ll never be as awesome as Russell Marsden 🙂





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