Music Monday

#MusicMonday – Dry The River ‘Weights and Measures’


It’s the August Bank Holiday here today, there’s no need to get dressed and hurry out the door to work and the only way to celebrate this is by posting the song that has kept me company to and from work for the past two weeks.

My friends Kathy and Jacqui turned me on to this band, Dry The River, with the promise that they were a bit like Mumford and Sons, only ‘with more tattoos and better beards.’ So of course, I had to go check them out as it would be rude not to 😉

Their album, Shallow Bed is probably the best thing to massage my ears in a long time. And they were right about the tattoos and beards!

This song, Weights and Measures is my favourite from the album. If I’m being honest, I actually felt a bit speechless when I first heard it because its simply stunning. And yeah, I did shed a tear or two like the big softie I am. And what’s more is that I don’t even care.

Go listen, go buy the album, go bawl like a baby in your car whilst driving home from work……because this is just too beautiful.


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