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#MusicMonday – The Who

I’m on a post-Olympics come down. Its been an epic couple of weeks to say the least. And what’s more is that I never expected to get swept up into the Olympics hurricane.

Weeks before the event was due to start, I remember grumbling along with my mum about the road closures due to the ‘poxy torch’ and yes, I have to admit, I wasn’t that fussed about the torch relay itself.

Then the day arrived for the opening ceremony and I decided to join twenty million others and see what the fuss really was all about. And from that point on, I was hooked. The ceremony was beautifully British. Quirky, funny, random. We threw in Kenneth Brannagh, we chucked in Mr Bean, Dizzee Rascal had a party, NHS nurses showed the world they could dance like crazy, but most notably, and for me, the best moment of the night, our very own Queen, became the most famous Bond girl to ever grace our screens.

We had ‘medal watch’ at work, which included regular updates on who from Team GB had won a medal and getting all excited about seeing our guys moving up the leaderboard. We had twitter frenzies over the mens swimming events. Ennis won our hearts. The Mobot became the most famous dance move ever. We celebrated Ben Ainslie’s sailing and I, quite rightly, celebrated his fine beard. And quite frankly, we just didn’t want it to end.

But end it did. And, if I’m being honest, in true British style, we almost cocked it up right at the last hurdle. The closing ceremony. Over three hours of sheer what-the-fuckery as we decided to flick V’s at the world and stick Spice Girls on top of London cabs, resurrect the Kaiser Chiefs, emphasize the fact we quite clearly think Emilie Sande is our next big export and inflict the sight of Boris Johnson’s dancing on millions of people. It went on so long that even the Irish team took a nap right in the middle of the ceremony. Best moments for me: Russell Brand bringing a whole new level of perviness to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ray Davies, Fat Boy Slim in a giant octopus, Timothy Spall and Sebastian Coe looking over his glasses at us, like we were a bunch of naughty children he’d quite like to spank.

I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. Was that really it? Three hours of hysterical tweeting and staying up late on a Sunday night for that?

But it seems I had forgotten about the finale. So had half the audience I think who were busy gathering their Olympic merch and trudging wearily out of the stadium, wondering what the hell just happened.

And then….just when we thought we had really screwed it all up, we throw in one of the greatest rock bands ever and now, my inspiration for this week’s #MusicMonday.

Ladies and gents, I give you….The Who. Literally the BEST way to end any ceremony and well worth sitting through three hours of wide-eyed horror to see. The below vid isn’t from the ceremony obviously as I couldn’t yet find any vids of their performance online, but I’m so glad this song was featured in the ceremony. Enjoy!

Linz x

2 thoughts on “#MusicMonday – The Who

  1. I got so sucked into the whole Olympics deal, and like you I hadn’t expected it at all. It was brilliant though, and the opening ceremony was just spot on. Totally agree about the closing though; iffy, to say the least, though with a few highlights.


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