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#WriterWednesday The Secret of Crickley Hall – James Herbert

Following on from my James Herbert post a couple of weeks back, how excited am I to learn that The Secret of Crickley Hall has been adapted into a drama for the BBC and is due to hit UK screens this autumn?!

Starring UK faves Suranne Jones and Tom Ellis, this looks to be a well-anticipated adaptation of Herbert’s fantastically spooky novel.

Now I’m not a massive fan of book adaptations, whether it be for TV or film, I rarely think you can capture on-screen what you can in a book, but this is based on a book by one of my all-time favourite authors so it’s definitely going in my schedule to watch.

If you don’t know the book, it has all the elements of a classic ghost story – old spooky house, a cellar door that keeps opening, things that go bump in the night and a dog that gets spooked by the unknown. The story centres around the Caleigh family who, in an effort to gain some respite from their own personal nightmares, take refuge at Crickley Hall; a former home for orphan evacuees in World War II. Of course, it isn’t long before we realise that there is something not quite right about the old manor house and creepy goings-on and ghostly noises soon escalate to a terrifying conclusion.

Many Herbert fans wouldn’t claim this was his best work, some believing the story just isn’t original enough and that as a ghost story it’s a bit clichéd. Admittedly, it’s not my favourite Herbert story, I would personally prefer to see something like The Rats series to be televised or even 48 would be amazing, but I will still be watching this when it airs in the autumn.

Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think…or if you have read The Secret of Crickley Hall, what did you think of the book compared to Herbert’s other novels?

Whatever the drama is like, I’m so chuffed to see one of the UK’s greatest horror writers celebrated in the way he deserves.



5 thoughts on “#WriterWednesday The Secret of Crickley Hall – James Herbert

  1. Oh, I’m so excited! Thanks for brining this to my attention, Lindsey. It’s strange – I never envisaged the house to look like that. I can’t wait to see how the rest compares with the book. I know lots of Herbert’s fans don’t think Crickley Hall is his best, but I still love a good haunted house story. I was gripped to the book from beginning to end and am sure I will be to the adaptation too. Thanks for having your finger on the pulse. Linds 🙂


    1. I’m not entirely sure, it could be a two or three parter, it’s such a long book I’d be surprised if it was just a one-off tv film. Def don’t read the book just yet, but also if the prog isn’t great then don’t let it put you off either 😉


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