Music Monday

#MusicMonday The Doors ‘Blue Sunday’

A quick post today, mainly because I have regained my writing mojo *Mexican wave* so I want to spend the rest of my lunch hour writing, but I thought I would leave you with something beautiful to listen to.

Blue Sunday by The Doors, one of my favourite songs by my favourite band and maybe not the most obvious choice, but I just love this. It has a real chilled out vibe and is just stunning.

Take a listen, let me know what you think if you haven’t heard it before or feel free to show it some love.

Blue Sunday for a Happy Monday!

Linz x




2 thoughts on “#MusicMonday The Doors ‘Blue Sunday’

  1. Hey, Lindsey! Let’s hear it for the Doors shout-out!! I definitely have heard that song. Thanks for the chill vibe. I might have gone for Peace Frog or Roadhouse Blues, instead, so thanks for reminding me how cool that tune is. Rock on and keep writing!



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