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Tumblr Diving

It’s funny what you find when you go delving through the murky depths of your Tumblr archive.

Yep, that’s right. I do have a Tumblr account. Two to be precise. One is solely dedicated to Jim Morrison and The Doors (click on the No One Here Gets Out Alive link on my blogroll) and the other (Little Cinnamon) is a blog patched together with pictures of rock stars, pictures of spooky woods/forests/buildings and the odd old piece of writing.

These days I don’t browse Tumblr as much as I used to, mainly because I’m inundated with pictures of One Direction, which makes me feel old, and pictures of cakes, which makes me hungry and I’m on a diet. So it’s sort of a no go area, although I did have a sneaky flurry of Kings of Leon posts this week out of sheer boredom.

I do, however, love pawing through the archive and catching up with old posts. The old posts are definitely interesting, mainly because I was suffering from PND at the time so I often come across one that seems to scream ‘The End of The World is Nigh’ (rest assured I’m not mocking PND sufferers here, I am a PND veteran and I find the only way to deal with it now is often to make light of my own experience).

But it’s also interesting as I sometimes come across old pieces of writing that I started and discarded, as was often my way when I used to write. Today I found an old post called ‘The Body‘ which I posted back in April 2010. It’s pretty lame to say the least, but caught my eye because it contains a scene which I later appropriated and inserted into Dark Sanctuary. If you’re one of my Dark Sanctuary readers, you might just recognise it so check out the next post. And if you’re not a Dark Sanctuary reader….well, read it anyway, it will kill a couple of minutes of your life in between looking at pictures of One Direction and eating cake.

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