#MusicMonday – The Vaccines Norgaard

I almost let another Monday slip by without a #MusicMonday post. To be fair, last Monday’s post got bumped in favour of my latest short story, but I can’t let another disappear off the edge of a cliff Thelma and Louise style, without a musical homage to a band or song that I love.

This week I have let the little one choose the song, and no, I’m not about to post a dedication to cbeebies or The Wiggles (although those would also be on his list), for my son has a much wider musical taste thanks to a little brainwashing – sorry, I mean education – from yours truly.

His faves include Noel Gallagher, Kings of Leon (but of course), Ian Brown, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy, The Black Keys and now…….The Vaccines. Well, Norgaard by The Vaccines to be precise, or as he likes to call it ‘Crazy Crazy Easy Tiger’. If you don’t know the song, you’ll understand once you listen to it but the song is on constant repeat and the first notes are always accompanied by the immortal words ‘Turn it up, turn it up!’, to which I lovingly oblige.

Anyway hope you enjoy…..its 1.39 minutes of pure class.

Linz x






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7 responses to “#MusicMonday – The Vaccines Norgaard

  1. can’t listen to this now but i will in the morning. hope it doesn’t disappoint!! i use to tour in a band for a few years, always looking for new music to discover. 🙂

  2. Parenting: you’re doing it right.

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