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Do Not Disturb – Writer At Work

It’s Thursday lunchtime, just over 3 hours to go of my working day. I’m feeling a little jittery, a bit excited and you just know that Friday is going to drag like a bitch just to taunt me.

Yup. There’s a long weekend coming my way. Frustrated at the lack of writing time, I decided to book Monday off. I’m going to spend the morning with the little one, which is bound to involve him torturing me in some shape or form, then I’m going to take him to school and pretend I have something in common with the other mothers at the school gates (must remember to dress appropriately and drop my t’s and h’s when talking),  and then I’m coming home for 5 hours of writing time. I will be tanking up on diet coke (when do I not?), opening a window and getting down and dirty with my iPad until it’s time to go pick up the little guy from the child-minder’s after school.

It’s more than a little frustrating when you actually have to take a day’s holiday from your day job to actually get some writing done, but this seems to be the only way it’s going to happen. Evenings are becoming extremely non-productive. I try to get some time to write after 9pm but by that point I have usually fused with the sofa and have hazed over zombie-style as I watch TV, every now and then reaching for a drink and these days, a very boring yoghurt. In fact, ask me the next day what I did the night before and I will usually mumble incoherently “TV….Eastenders……Derek Branning…..yoghurt.”

Weekends are hit and miss when it comes to writing. If I’m lucky, I might get in the odd hour but I’m not churning out anywhere near the volume of words that I used to.

I have two WIP’s on the go at the moment: one short story revolving around the spooky hoodie incident that I experienced a few weeks ago and Book 3 in The Dark Sanctuary series. I’m hitting Monday with the aim of finishing the short story and cracking on with the next few chapters of Book 3 (sorry, still not title, need to look to Jim for inspiration). I have loads of ideas about where I’m taking Book 3 and I just need time to get them down on paper,  before they disappear out the hole in my head, never to be seen again. I’m feeling the pressure of the last book (yes it is the last) as have had good feedback so far on Lost Creatures from all my loyal beta readers.

So come Monday, I shall be hanging a DO NOT DISTURB ON PAIN OF DEATH sign on my door. So don’t disturb. Or I’ll set the dogs on you.

3 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb – Writer At Work

    1. I never really planned to take it beyond three books. I think anything more would be dragging the story out too long and I think people would get bored. I’d rather write three well received books than get to five and for people to say “should have stopped at three”. Saying that I am struggling to work out how to fit everything into this book, but I’m sure it will work out somehow. It usually does!


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