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#WriterWednesday – James Herbert

It wouldn’t be right to continue with Writer Wednesday post without dedicating this week’s post to one of my favourite authors – the mighty James Herbert.

When I made my first footsteps into the world of horror fiction, it was in the pages of Domain by James Herbert that I wandered. I found a fairly worn copy in my dad’s bookcase, read the blurb, mused over the first few pages and then realised I couldn’t put it down. I was 11 and was captivated. Suffice to say, my dad never got his copy of back again, it still sits comfortably nestled within my James Herbert collection on my bookcase. And it’s still one of my all-time favourite books.

Anyway recently I’ve been feeling the lack of James Herbert’s wonderful words in my life. His last novel, The Secret of Crickley Hall was published in 2006 and after six years without a new book, it got me thinking today:

Where the hell is James Herbert?

A quick waltz onto the Google dance floor and I found myself at James Herbert’s official website http://www.jamesherbert.com and what do I see?

There’s a new book coming! How did I not know this?

Scheduled for an end August 2012 release, Ash is the third novel in the David Ash series. David Ash is the paranormal investigator whom we first met in Haunted and then again in The Ghosts of Sleath. What I loved about the first two novels was that they are like good old-fashioned ghost stories. We’re talking spooky surroundings, haunted houses, things that go bump in the night and hide-behind-your-pillow scariness, yet all laced with Herbert’s no-nonsense, get-under-your-skin unrelenting horror. I couldn’t be more excited! I need this novel in my life. I crave every word. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a book release. Rumour has it that the release date has been moved three times already so here’s hoping the publishers don’t scupper my dreams and delay the release again.

What I love about James Herbert, apart from his obvious talent, is the fact he is completely bemused by his own success. In an interview with Douglas E. Winter, Herbert said “I’m very insecure about being a writer. I don’t understand why I am so successful. And the longer I stay that way, the better it’s going to be, because it keeps me on the edge, striving if you like.” I just adore this. I love that despite being a best-selling author he is still humble and grounded and expresses insecurities you think you would only see in newbie writers.

After all these years, James Herbert still remains a shining inspiration for me. So by August, whilst everyone else will still probably be getting hot and sweaty over Mr Grey, I will be shunning the saucy dreams in favour of something that will be giving me chills and nightmares. I’m so up for a James Herbert summer!

4 thoughts on “#WriterWednesday – James Herbert

  1. Another book is on the way?? Yay!! I’m right there with you, Lindsey. Forget Mr Grey, I too will be indulging in Herbert. He’s right up there with King for me. Out of the seven of his that I’ve read, The Secret of Crickley Hall, Once and Nobody True are my favourites. I’d have trouble picking which one would take the number one spot. I’m glad Ash is back for more though. I remember being rooted to The Ghosts of Sleath for a weekend and couldn’t put it down until I worked out what was going on. Ah, there’s nothing like a damned good spine-chiller… 🙂


    1. Yes another book! I am so excited 🙂 Love finding other James Herbert fans, Lindsay you have immaculate taste! If you haven’t read them then I would definitely recommend ’48, The Dark and The Fog. The Dark and The Fog are real horror classics. Also The Rats, Domain and Lair are brilliant. Roll on the release date!


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