Dark Sanctuary

Sample Sunday – Excerpt from Dark Sanctuary

Suddenly he was upon me, lifting me up and slamming my head up against the cell wall. I kicked out in a panic, desperately clawing at his hands which had locked around my throat. I was struggling to breathe as his grip tightened. Laughing, he threw me across the cell and I landed not far from the door and automatically headed towards the light, crawling pathetically in the dust. He launched a swift kick to my mid-drift and then slammed the door shut and together we grappled on the floor in the pitch blackness.
I couldn’t fight him off. Slumber had left me too late and my body was not fully alert to his attack. I tried so hard but my struggle was weak and futile and he batted away my every attempt to hit him.
He punched me full and hard in the face and I felt my nose explode under his fist. The force reverberated through my skull and made me want to vomit instantly. I felt his hand fumble at the waistband of my jeans and I felt the panic rise to a crescendo in my chest.
No, no, no!
In an instant, he had removed my jeans but just when I thought he would go further and this attack would turn into something much more awful than I could ever have imagined, he moved his head down and sunk his teeth fully into my exposed thigh. I screamed. The pain was excruciating. It felt like he was almost chewing on my flesh. He lifted his head away and then did the same to my other leg. I heard that sickening sucking noise and I began to sob, the tears running quickly down my face and mixing with the blood that flowed freely from my inflamed nostrils.
I tried again to kick out at him and must have caught him on the side of the head as he lost his balance and toppled off of me and quickly I tried to scramble up. My legs were throbbing and felt slick with blood. I tried to lift myself up but my arms just wouldn’t support me. They felt like jelly under the weight of my body.
I felt his hand grip my hair and he was dragging me across the floor and growling in rage. He threw me again and I landed against the wooden door, feeling it rattle against my backbone.
I couldn’t fight him. I just couldn’t. He was way too strong and I was – well, I was just me. The same pathetic cowardly creature I had always been. Not Tomb Raider. No relation to Van Helsing. Just plain old Sarah Jacobs. The one who had caused the death of her own mother and grandmother. The one who had caused the deaths of her friends. The one who hid herself away in a little grey cottage in the country because even life scared the hell out of her. What could I possible do against a vampire hell bent on the most awful revenge?
I could feel the fuzzy cloud returning. It wanted to take me down and I welcomed it. Anything was better than this.
He lifted me up and I felt my feet rise up off the floor. His hands gripped me roughly and he wrenched back my head. As he sunk his teeth into my neck for the second time, I let the cloud take hold.
As the darkness came, I could hear the sound of my feet hammering against the door as my body still instinctively struggled against the pain of his attack.
As I felt myself falling into the blackness, I could hear the sound of my screaming echoing off the walls of the cell.
As my world faded into nothingness, I thought I could hear Michael screaming with me, except his voice was one of searing deep rage that seemed to go on and on and on and had I managed to stay conscious I would have known that his wrath had continued on into the night, never relenting for one second and growing with a furious energy, like a blazing inferno that refused to be tamed.

Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2010

5 thoughts on “Sample Sunday – Excerpt from Dark Sanctuary

  1. That’s pretty good, Lindsey. I have so many posts in my e-mail every day and so little time to read them that I tend to delete alot of these, but I’m glad I saved yours. I’m very curious about this piece now…
    Have a great week, okay.



    1. I do exactly the same Jimmy 😉 I try to catch up via wordpress when I can but its hard to read everyone’s posts, particularly if they don’t use wordpress.
      This excerpt is taken from the first book, still unpublished (editing nightmares). You can read other excerpts (if you have time that is) if you click on the Dark Sanctuary category.
      Thanks for dropping by
      Linz x


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