Music Monday

#MusicMonday – Kings of Leon – Closer

Another #MusicMonday arrives and I can’t continue without a post about my favourite group (you know I’m not discounting The Doors here, they’ll always be my all-time faves).

Kings of Leon. Them of the skinny jeans, fine beards (although this is now down to just the one fine beard) and epic tunes.

I’ve met some of my favourite people in the whole world thanks to this band. I even made a thinly-veiled reference to Only By The Night in Dark Sanctuary. Whilst these days the band tends to get slated for their success, rather than celebrated for it, they’re still a huge part of my life and my love for their music, coupled with my friendship with some other amazing KoL fans, has helped me through some particularly tough times over the past few years. Ah the power of music 🙂

Anyway this song in particular, apart from being a great tune, always inspires me when I’m struggling with the Dark Sanctuary series. However you want to interpret the lyrics, there is definitely a ‘vampire’ metaphor in there, which of course led to a lot of Twilight fans connecting the song to Stephenie Meyer’s books – I doubt very much Caleb was thinking about Bella and Edward when he wrote this 😉 I think it’s more a case of coincidental timing. I actually read today that some think the song was about Caleb getting clean of drugs and how it made him feel like a vampire, but I don’t know how true that is. Despite all this, I like the ‘vampire’ theme and find it really inspires me and gets me in the mood to write again. So for me, it’s not just a great song, it’s also a self-help tool!

Anyway….enjoy…..and all hail the beard 🙂

7 thoughts on “#MusicMonday – Kings of Leon – Closer

  1. Love Kings of Leon, Lindsey – particularly this track. They’ve inspired a few scenes from my own vamp books. Fab choice. 🙂


    1. An a fellow KoL fan and vamp fictionista! My main character is loosely based on Caleb (looks wise anyway 😉 ) glad you approve of this weeks #musicmonday thanks for dropping by 🙂


  2. Yep, and a Stephen King fan too. Nice choice in Caleb, Lindsey. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting/liking. Hugely appreciated. 🙂


    1. I know! I think that’s why this band will always have a special place in my heart, because without them, I wouldn’t know you nor many other very special people that I now could never be without.


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