Music Monday

#MusicMonday Scoundrels Sexy Weekend EP

It’s the return of #MusicMonday! Okay, okay, so technically this is only the second one but hey, let’s celebrate it likes it the prodigal son we never thought we’d see again. And to be fair, I’m so crap at this regular blogging lark, it could well be the last #MusicMonday so might as well make it a good one!
Stepping up to this week’s pedestal is the wondrous Scoundrels. Another twitter find, or at least they found me first and I dutifully followed back as I often do when a new band follows me, yet not really expecting them to blow my mind in any way, shape or form. One day, feeling slightly guilty that I had never checked out their music, I clicked onto iTunes for a quick listen and boom! I was in love.
Scoundrels are a 4-piece band hailing from London who channel a quintessentially English rock sound with the laid-back blues of Louisiana, all mixing together to create a hip summer vibe (although of course listening during the winter months is also advised) . They supported the amazing Alabama Shakes at this years SXSW festival back in March, so if that isn’t testament to their coolness I don’t know what is. In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion they are probably too hip for likes of a small town girl like me who should be wearing mum-jeans and sipping Ovaltine, instead of listening to their music, but what the hell. I’ll be the one standing at the back of their gigs, trying desperately to seem cool, yet not wanting to stray too far from the loo’s just in case my post-pregnancy bladder collapses under the pressure of too many vodka’s and wondering why the bar doesn’t serve Ovaltine.
Anyway please go check out the Sexy Weekend EP. It’s on constant repeat at the moment, particularly the title track, that with lines such as “I haven’t had this much fun stalking on Facebook before” is just pure genius. These guys might just be my new favourite band!
You can find them on:
Twitter: @wearescoundrels

5 thoughts on “#MusicMonday Scoundrels Sexy Weekend EP

  1. Hi, Lindsey. I could go without food for weeks, water for days, but would curl up into a ball in hours and die without music. Here’s hoping that you will continue to at least attempt to discuss music. I’m 43, but never wanted to be one of those who claimed that music died with Buddy Holly in that plane or outside that pub with Bon Scott or in Jimmy Page’s house when Bonzo died, etc., etc., etc. I am listening to Scoundrels on iTunes as I type this and I like it. I’m always on the look out for new stuff. Thanks fot the tip.
    By the way, I love The Soft Parade album, too. Here’s to the Lizard King! *raises drink into the air*



    1. Hi Jimmy, next to writing, music is my other love. I grew up on 60’s music even though I was a 70’s/80’s child, as my dad was in a band so The Beatles, The Kinks etc were my staple diet as a kid. Now I like a variety of stuff, most notably The Doors *raises glass back at ya* and I don’t know if I’ll ever give up going to gigs – even if I am the oldest swinger in town 😉 Thanks reading!


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