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#WriterWednesday Dean J. Baker

I have decided that I am going to try to get on here and blog on a more regular basis – famous last words, I hear you cry! But I know I neglect it and my time here is sporadic and hard to follow, so I am going to try (with the best will in the world) to post on a weekly basis. Mondays will be #MusicMonday highlighting a particular band or song that I am currently into. Tuesdays will henceforth be called #TasterTuesday and give excerpts taken from The Dark Sanctuary books and any other works. And Wednesdays will be #WriterWednesday, giving shout outs to other writers who inspire me, whether they be my all-time faves or new finds and indie writers. I haven’t quite worked out what Thursdays and Fridays will be yet. Bear with me as I fear I am being slightly ambitious to think I’ll blog three days in a row anyway…but its always good to have ambition, right?

This weeks #WriterWednesday is a shout out for Dean J. Baker, a poet I found via wordpress.com and twitter. If you have gauged anything from my posts you will have realised that I have a soft spot for poetry, although I am not particularly skilled in writing it myself. At school I had the biggest writer’s crush on Ted Hughes and I always harbour a fondness for those writers who are able to harness words in a way that I never could.

Dean’s words capture great sensuality, romance, passion, anger, torment, soft sentiments about family and love. They always reel me in and I could literally hit that ‘like’ button over every single poem. Hell, screw that, I need an ‘ADORE’ button.

Below is a taster of what you should expect from Dean…..this is a poem he posted on 20th May:


I’m not falling: that’s too silly
I’m not writing poems for you

I’m not staring at your picture
imagining how you move, hearing

Your voice, softly smooth –
what your scent must bring to mind

How you shine differently now
mornings, and southern nights

No, not me: I did not –
I won’t write this either, finally

Please, please go check out Dean’s work, you can find him hanging out at the following places:


@deanjbaker on Twitter

http://www.facebook.com/#!/DeanJBakerPoetAuthorComposer Dean’s FB page….I hope this link works as I copied and pasted it like the simpleton I am, but if it doesn’t I’m sure you people with more brain cells than me can find him on FB 😉

Anyway, you get the picture, go look him up and enjoy his wonderful words. Or I’ll set the hounds on you.










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