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The albatross is dead!

Yesterday was a good day. In fact, scrap that. It was a GREAT day.
I shot the albatross. And not only that, I also hung and quartered it, bagged up the body parts and threw them to the far corners of the earth and gave the innards to the dog for dinner.
In other words……I finally finished the second book in The Dark Sanctuary series!
It might sound slightly wrong to hear a writer comparing their book to an albatross, after all, surely writing shouldn’t be such a burden? And generally it’s not. It’s a joy. It’s the best therapy you will never have to pay for. But somehow this book did grow a beak and wings and has sat nestled in my laptop for forever, randomly squawking at me every now and then, just so I wouldn’t forget that it was there.
It’s fair to say this book has been a long time coming. Things were different this time round. I had a full-time job for a start and one that saw me doing twelve hour days with the travelling included. Even when I did manage to salvage some time to write, I just felt too damn tired to think, let alone write.
Sporadic writing time meant I struggled to make the book flow. Or at least, I didn’t feel that it flowed, because the time I got to write was so irregular; an hour here, a lunch hour there, scrappy minutes late on a Friday night, desperate minutes early on a Saturday morning before the little one woke up. Not having a regular writing time every day meant that I just couldn’t see how it was developing.
I was worried I had lost the spirit of the main character, Sarah. She seemed deflated, depressed and tired and probably only reflected how I was feeling at the time. This novel was intended to be slightly darker than the first, but I didn’t want to lose her sense of humour, her wit and her vibrancy. I still hope that I didn’t.
I was worried the plot wasn’t going anywhere, or was just a re-hash of the first novel. I didn’t want it to be just Bad-Guy attacks Heroine, Heroine runs away, Bad-Guy captures Heroine, Hero saves Heroine, a few people get killed. I needed it to move on, I needed them to move on, because ultimately I already have the third book in my head and that’s where they need to head towards.
But somehow, after grabbing snippets of time here and there, I came to the realisation last week that maybe…just maybe….the end was in sight. I knew exactly how the story was to end and with the finish line in sight, I felt spurred on. I felt more energised about it than I had in ages.
So finally, yesterday, the albatross was slain. And what’s more, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot. Tearing it from around my neck, where it had come to sit, pecking at my head like the bastard bird it had become, it felt good to finish it off in the best way I know how….with a trademark cliffhanger, heartache and with just the right amount of blood spilled. And after all, what’s a paranormal fiction writer without a bit of blood?

Please feel free to check out excerpts taken from Lost Creatures and the first novel Dark Sanctuary, posted in the relevant archived sections on this blog. Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “The albatross is dead!

  1. Hi Lindsey,
    Thought I would say firstly sorry about the little hiccups about twitter, I haven’t been usind twitter long, but I am so pleased for you and your finishing of your book. As I said earlier your words did flow easy for me after read some of your excerpts, and take it from someone who struggles with dyslexic loved it, so I hope you have success and satisfaction for staying the course. Regards your mate from down under, cheers summer breezes for you!★


    1. Hi John Its really nice to know that you enjoyed my writing. I often take for granted what it is to read and write words, its like second nature to me so to know that you have read this and enjoyed it, makes it seem so worthwhile. Thank you as always!


  2. I’m so excited to see where you’ve gone with Lost Creatures. I’ve been stubbornly saving myself and refusing to read the excerpts (much as I wanted to!) so that it’s all fresh when I start reading. Congratulations on finishing it, I know the hard part is only really just beginning with the edits to come, but just think what you’ve achieved already writing two novels and thinking about the third! Amazing 🙂


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