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Bullets, Bourbon & Brass by Kim Karter – A Review

Okay, so as you all know, I am becoming a seasoned veteran of new genre reading challenges. Throw me a genre I wouldn’t usually take a second glance at and I’m there with my saddle and riding hat, ready to rodeo that book into oblivion.

Step into the spotlight, Kim Karter and her gloriously lush Southern novella, Bullets, Bourbon & Brass.

As is the way these days, I met Kim via Twitter some months ago and found myself promising to read her work, albeit with false grin and over-enthusiastically nodding head.

“Southern fiction?” I thought “I’m British. I know practically as much about the southern counties of the U.S as I do about fly fishing. Now I’ve gone and said I’d read it. Crap.”

So now I know you’re thinking….”Well you could have said you read it but not actually read it.”

But I can’t do that either. If I tell another author I’m going to read their work, then I’ll read it. Then I’ll worry later what to say if I really didn’t like it. For me, that’s a kind of unwritten law.

In this case, thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about what I’d say to Kim.

Bullets, Bourbon & Brass centres around Jackie Dawson, kick-ass Southern Kingpin who not only has her fingers in every bootlegging or gambling pie in the state of Alabama, she made those pies and owns them with a ruthless, cutting edge that would make any male gangster’s balls shrivel to the size of walnut.

Jackie-Daddy, as she is known, is no dolly-bird mafia wanna-be, reliant on her looks to win her way to the top of Alabama’s criminal underworld. She is a gun-toting, ball-crushing, Jim Beam drinking bank-robber that wastes no time in dealing with those that cross her and never apologies for taking you, the reader along for the very bumpy and very violent ride.

Released early from a long stretch at Kentucky prison thanks to the dodgy Governor, Jackie is thrown straight back into trouble when she comes up against the White clan, eager to take over the Dawson empire. With her love, Lily-Anne in grave danger, Jackie knows she has to step up and show the White’s just who has the biggest balls in town.

The story line bucks and kicks like a rodeo stallion; it’s fast-paced, powerful and unrelenting. The characters are captivating, energetically well-written and have more grit than John Wayne. The violence probably will make you wince once or twice, but in a kind of adrenalin-filled-rooting-for-Jackie kind of way.

A a female reader, it’s refreshing to find a female lead who can stand up to the toughest of men but all you male readers out there won’t be disappointed as this book has a hard-enough edge to keep you gripped from start to finish.

Coming from The School of Paranormal and All Things That Go-bump-in-the-night-and-want-to-scare-the-shit-out-of-you, I wasn’t sure what my elitist horror tendencies would make of this  book but I’m pleased to say that I was soon swept into the action and found myself wishing that I did know more about Southern fiction than I did about fly-fishing.

And now, fortunately, I can say that I do and I will definitely be going back for more.

You can find Bullets, Bourbon & Brass on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also find Kim on Twitter @Kim_Karter or on wordpress.com  at http://kimkarter.com











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