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Where for art thou, Kindle?

Forgive me WordPress, it has been 12 days since my last post.

I always seem to start these with an apology don’t I? Well, I guess everyone has worked out that I’m pretty crap at this blogging lark by now so maybe I should dispense with the apologies.Let’s get onto business……

It’s been an eventful weekend.

Flu came to visit on Friday like the unwelcome family member no one wants to answer the door to. It’s still here, abusing the medicine cabinet, helping itself to hot drinks, and generally making everyone miserable in the process.

The little guy was sick three times yesterday. Always fun and written in the small print of The Parenthood Contract together with them insisting that you accompany them to the toilet every time you sit down to blog/read/eat/watch TV and having to cope with them throwing themselves on the supermarket floor in a tantrum (which incidentally also happened this weekend *cue fixed grin*).

Had to drag my scarecrow hairstyle to the shop to get Calpol. I’m pretty sure the five metre radius around me in the till queue had nothing to do with the fact I smelt so strongly of Olbas Oil it was burning people’s retinas.

Dragged my scarecrow hairstyle back to the shop ten minutes later when I realised we were out of dog food and the poor mutt was practically digging a hole in the floor in an attempt to get next door and devour the neighbours.

The dog was sick on the floor today.

Five minutes later the little guy threw up in exactly the same place. Praise be to the god of laminate flooring.

Oh and I managed to get some reading done. I finished reading Atticus For The Undead by John Abramowitz, a legal paranormal thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed and will be writing a review on (when flu gets evicted this week).

In fact, this set me thinking about the amount of reading I have managed to actually achieve this year. I’ve mentioned before on this blog about how at some point I sadly lost my reading mojo and I can thankfully say that with much thanks given to my Christmas Kindle, I have gone some way to resurrecting my first love from the shallow grave in which it had been cruelly discarded.

Now I know it certainly wouldn’t beat any records, but January saw three books finished and I actually see that as a great start to the year. I’m not a New Year’s Resolution Maker by any means, but if I was ever to make one, then reading more would definitely be the one to make. It’s certainly one I would enjoy, to put it mildly. Forget dieting. Forget abstaining from chocolate/alcohol/googling Caleb Followill.

I was definitely most sceptical when I first heard about the Kindle or the e-book reader in general. I recall standing in front of the display in Waterstones with one of my very good friends and I said “What do we think about all this e-book malarkey then?” (Note: We always ask each other what we think, because more often than not our opinions are one and the same on many things from books to the fact that printed leggings are a no-no). And oh how we scoffed at the little skinny device as it sat lonely on the shelf as every customer walked past and headed to the shelves all filled with the most beautiful, curvaceous books.

But, probably over a year down the line, I am (gasp if you want) more than happy to admit I was wrong.

That little skinny device is genius! That thin, sleek beauty is the ying to my yang; the ketchup to my fries; the Marge to my Homer; the…..oh well, you get it I’m sure.

It is safe to say that the Kindle is a much welcome guest in my home and it’s feet are so firmly under the proverbial kitchen table that I have decided to adopt it and keep it close forever and ever. Amen.

Don’t get me wrong, the book, with its sumptuously voluptuous pages and glossy cover will always hold a firm place in my heart but I don’t see any reason why I cannot share the literary bed with both these beautiful creatures?

Greedy, some might think. Open-minded, I prefer to say.

I can’t even tell you why the Kindle has revived my love for reading. Maybe it’s the accessibility of so many books literally at my fingertips. Wander through the Amazon store, browse from the comfort of your sofa and hey presto! A book is delivered directly to you at the click of a button. (Warning: Clicking that button too many times can seriously damage your bank balance so beware!) Maybe it’s because I see so many of my twitter writing family have realised their own dreams by publishing to the Kindle and can visualise my own work, sitting alongside theirs.

Whatever it may be, it’s a mystery. But I would urge anyone with a love for reading who hasn’t yet succumbed to the delicious temptation of the e-book, to loosen the shackles of scepticism and cross the divide.

And if you don’t quite have the courage to commit full-on adultery to the paper book and go spend your cash on a much younger, sleeker model……download an e-book reader app and dip your toes in the water to see if you like it.

You might just be as surprised as I was.

3 thoughts on “Where for art thou, Kindle?

  1. I’m still a little sceptical about Kindles and the like. A part of me wants to own one, while the rest of me can’t bear the thought of choosing an e-book over a flesh and blood (paper and ink?) copy. That said, I think they’re a fantastic idea for many people. Not everyone has the space or money to own lots of books, and of course there are those who would benefit from the ability to zoom in on the text or may have weak or painful joints and cannot lift larger, heavier books. In my mind, anything that makes reading even more accessible and desirable to the masses is a good thing (except perhaps for Fifty Shades of Grey 😉 )


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