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Girl crush alert!

If you could be anyone else in the world, who would it be?

I would opt for this lady. Amy Lee, lead singer of rock band Evanescence.

Although as a woman it pains me to say this, I have never been greatly into female artists. Okay, so I like Florence, Adele is of course, amazing and Jessie J is a real talent of our generation but if you’re talking about BIG musical passions, then I am all about the men. And not just because I like something pretty with a nice tight butt to look at when I listen to music, I have just always been into male singers, male bands. Maybe that’s just a girl thing, although I know loads of women who are into female bands or female artists.

But I TOTALLY make an exception for Amy Lee and Evanescence. This woman is super cool. Not only is she an amazing singer, with the most staggeringly beautiful voice in rock but she is also a classically trained pianist. Her look is a total kick in the teeth to the sugary-sweet-sex-sells-like-nothing-else image of many female ‘stars’ of today because hey, believe it or not ladies, you can be successful without showing your gussets to all and sundry!

I could literally listen to her music all day long and never get bored and whilst listening I wonder what it would be like to have just an ounce of her coolness.

Or even just her hair. I settle for the hair.



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