Blood Wars · Dark Sanctuary

I would have you adore me……..

‘It’s such a shame that you’re just a human’ Sebastian murmured, stepping closer to me.

I instinctively felt myself shrink back against the wall and holding my breath as his face drew near to mine. His dark eyes ran over my skin, lingering a little too long on my lips and down to my neck. When he looked back up into my eyes, I found it difficult to look away.

Reaching forward he touched his fingers lightly to my hair, twisting a lock between his fingertips.

‘I would have you adore me, you know’ he whispered.

‘Adoration is a dangerous thing’ I said, hearing the crack in my voice and hating myself for it.

‘Really?’ he said, raising an eyebrow ‘whatever makes you think that?’

‘Because adoration is not real. It’s like make-up. Easily applied and easily wiped away. People wear adoration like a mask, yet when you take it away, all that adoration, all that hero-worship, what do you have left? Nothing; nothing but this empty lonely shell. You want people to adore you, but adoration is fickle and can only ever be temporary. Pretty soon, people find something else to adore; someone else to fawn over. Why would anyone ever want that?’

Sebastian blinked and his smile faded slightly.

‘But you adore him’ he said.

‘It’s not adoration. Adoration is for fools’


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011



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