Lost Creatures

Excerpt from Lost Creatures…..

‘Let’s just say that Sebastian had a lot of explaining to do. He won’t need us to help him win his war with Marcus now but he will need us to help him stay alive’ said Michael.

‘Well, he did help rescue you and Vincent? Shouldn’t we help him?’ I replied.

He took a step forward, looking at me darkly.

‘Do you have any idea what will happen to us if Sebastian gives us to the Elders?’

‘Um, no, I guess not. Although Marina did say that no human has stood in front of the council for centuries’

‘And there’s a good reason for that. They come from a time when it was harder to keep our existence a secret. They come from a time when superstition and beliefs were held in high regard. Humans did believe in monsters. They believed in the age-old battle between good and evil. Vampires, if found, were persecuted and hunted until they were killed. If you want to know where all the stories originated from, you can bet many of those fantastical tales were not fantasy at all and actually were even inspired by vampires who still sit on the council today. If you think modern day vampires are monsters, think again because we have nothing on the Elders’

‘If you’re trying to scare me, bravo’ I said, swallowing and realising my throat had dried up like the barren desert.

‘Good because you need to be scared, Sarah. Marina was right. No human has been presented to the Elders in many, many years. Sebastian knows this and he knows full well what will happen to you if he takes you there. You’re not just any human, Sarah, you’re a sensor and that makes you far more dangerous than your average human’

‘But I’m not like one of the sensors that tried to kill you!’ I cried ‘you know more than anyone that I’ve only ever killed a vampire in self-defence! I have never set out to hurt any of you; I just wanted you all to leave me alone’

‘But you have killed, Sarah. And that is all the Elders will care about. You might protest your innocence. You might claim now that you don’t have any intention of ever killing another vampire again, but they won’t listen. The passive sensor of today is the hunter of tomorrow. Have you never wondered why vampires detest sensor’s so much? It is not just because they are at risk of being revealed. It is not just because the whole vampire race risks being identified to the world. It is because the majority of sensors are vampire killers’

‘But you said that the sensor you first met didn’t want to even acknowledge what he could do. He had no interest in searching for vampires?’

‘No but trust me, he was a rare find. And I killed him anyway because nine out of ten sensors will hunt. They will kill. They will be drawn to it. It becomes a compulsion that they cannot repress’

‘But that won’t happen to me’

Michael stared at me, his eyes fixed on mine and I could see the doubt spinning like a whirlpool in the blue.

‘It won’t happen to me. It just won’t!’

But deep down, I remembered that feeling when I stabbed the vampire Isaac and watched his blood spilling out onto the floor of the barn. I remembered that strange ‘clicking’ noise that had resounded from deep within. I knew at the time that it was somehow connected with killing a vampire; that somehow, as much as I had tried to resist the feeling; it had felt strangely normal to kill one. It had felt right.

Standing there in front of Michael, the vampire who had spent the past twenty years watching over and protecting me; the vampire who I couldn’t be without; I felt like he could see it. I felt as if that ‘click’ was now busy working its way to surface, ready to unmask me as the sensor they all believed me to be. I felt as if it were screaming inside of me to be heard and I wished with all my heart that I could stifle it.

The guilt ate away at me until I could no longer hold his gaze.


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011

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