Lost Creatures

Teeny taster from Lost Creatures (Sanctuary 2) – taken from Chapter 27

‘Out the front is Sebastian’s car. Take it and go to the cabin. Do you remember where the cabin is?’

I stared at him as if he were suddenly talking in a foreign language.

‘Sarah! Do you remember where the cabin is?’ he raised his voice, trying to snap me out of my reverie.

‘I think so, yes. I don’t understand; you’re coming with me, right? You promised?’

‘I cannot come with you’

‘But you promised! You told him…’

‘I cannot come with you now, Sarah because it is daylight outside. But you can go and I will meet you at the cabin just after nightfall’ he interrupted sharply.

‘What? No! I’m not going without you!’ I cried.

‘Don’t be ridiculous’ he snapped, glaring at me ‘you cannot stay here. You heard what Marcus said, if the others find you here, they will kill you’

‘And what will they do to you?’

‘I can look after myself, but I can only do that if you’re not here. I can’t watch both our backs’

‘You’re not bloody supervamp, you know! There are tons of them; you can’t defend yourself from them all!’   

‘You’re forgetting I’m faster than all of them. I will be gone before they can even reach me’

‘I’m not leaving!’ I said stubbornly ‘we came here for you and I’m not walking out of here without you’

‘Damn it Sarah! I can’t!’

‘There must be a way, surely?’ I asked feeling my voice getting panicky.

I didn’t want to leave without him. I couldn’t leave without him.

‘If the sun touches once millimetre of my skin it will burn me. Prolonged exposure and I will die. We’re not talking a case of bad sunburn here. Aloe vera won’t heal me. I will start to cook from the outside in and it won’t be a quick death either. My skin will fry; my retinas will sizzle, followed shortly after by my organs. My lungs will collapse and I won’t be able to breathe. If I don’t die of suffocation first, then I will die when my heart starts to bubble and bursts inside my chest. Now, sorry if I sound slightly over-cautious to you, but I would rather not risk that!’

I could feel my heart hammering painfully in my own chest and I tried not to think about how horrific it would be if it started bubbling and bursting.

‘But if there was a way, to keep you covered, keep you in darkness so the sunlight couldn’t touch you, would it be okay?’

It was his turn to stare at me dumbfounded now.

‘Well, would it?’ I urged.

‘Well technically yes, as long as my skin wasn’t exposed I wouldn’t be harmed’ he said, his brows furrowing deeply ‘but there’s no way of doing that’

‘We could find something to cover you with?’

‘Are you crazy?’ he said, shaking his head ‘no! No way!’

‘Come on, Michael! We can do this. We’ll find something to cover you with and then I can drive us to the cabin together’

‘No! I’m not doing it!’

‘You said yourself that it would be okay!’

‘I said technically it would be okay. What if something went wrong? What if the cover came off or got caught on something? What if I tripped and fell?’

‘And what if God himself reached down and plucked the cover from your head, just so he could rid the world of one more nasty blood-sucker?’ I sniped sarcastically.

Michael’s face went dark and his cheek muscles tensed dangerously.

‘Okay, okay’ I soothed ‘sorry, I don’t mean to be flippant, I appreciate that you’re scared…’

‘I’m not scared’ he hissed ‘I just don’t see the point in risking my life when I could just come and meet you later’

‘And I don’t see the point in you risking your life later, when we can save it now’ I replied, firmly.

He ran his hands through his hair and grabbed handfuls as if he were ready to tear it out in frustration.

‘Look you have two choices. Either you leave with me now or I stay with you here and we do our best to kick the enemy vampires’ asses later in a kind of Buffy and Spike vibe’

He moved his face closer to mine and fixed his blue eyes on me.

‘You’re comparing me to Spike? He has terrible hair’

‘Well hate to break it to you, buddy, but your hair isn’t looking too hot right now either’ I flicked my gaze to the greasy fringe that was now falling back down over his eyes.

Frowning he smoothed it back with his palms and then looked down at his feet with a long frustrated sigh.   

‘Okay, we’ll try it your way. But if I’m not happy with any part of your plan, then I’m not going. Got that?’

‘Who said I had a plan?’ I shrugged and grabbed his hand firmly, feeling that familiar buzz as we made contact.


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011

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