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I’ll name that book in two…..

My last post bothered me a bit. In fact, it bothered me quite a lot.

I hate being stumped by something. I hate pondering over something and still coming up with nothing. I mean, all that thinking with no answers is a monumental waste of old brain cells, right? At least if you manage to come up with an answer, it might all seem worth it.

And I hate being stumped by book titles. I hate calling something my ‘WIP’ or my ‘story’. I want it to have a name. It needs a name. It needs to be comfortably embraced under one title; a title that means something; a title that embraces you as the writer. A title that captivates the reader.

And so with much disgruntled effort, I decided to apply myself for a change.

I’d like to say the titles were earth-shattering, a relevation, catchy even. But I won’t lull you into a false sense of security. I’d hate for anyone to get too over-excited and pass out. To be fair, I don’t really have the energy to pick you up and mop your brow so try not to, okay?

Book 1 which was previously just known as Sanctuary, is now Dark Sanctuary. Book 2 which is still ongoing, is now called Lost Creatures.

I told you not to get too over-excited, didn’t I? Well, it might not mean a great deal to anyone else, but it certainly does to me. It means I don’t have to think about it anymore for a start. Thinking is definately over-rated and quite frankly I’m losing brain cells by the second.

 Oh and for anyone who was wondering, there is a Jim Morrison connection with the 2nd book title……10 Cinnamon kisses to anyone who can work it out 😉

2 thoughts on “I’ll name that book in two…..

  1. I still remember how much you fretted over the naming of book two! At the time, I was pretty set in my mind that book one would always be Sanctuary to me, but when I reflect on it now I realise you’ve actually pulled it off; I DO think of book one as Dark Sanctuary now, rather than the original title. I’m not sure when that happened, but clearly I didn’t even notice that the newer title had wormed its way into my brain. As for Lost Creatures, I have always adored that title; it intrigues and draws me in. You’ll be heartily disappointed in me, though, when I admit I still don’t know the Jim Morrison connection. Feel free to immortalise me in book three as a musically-retarded muppet 😉


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