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Eternally thankful….

Recently I had a conversation with a wonderful friend of mine who had kindly given up her free time to read Sanctuary.

She freely admitted to me before she started reading it that she wasn’t a fan of vampire fiction and unbeknownst to her, whenever someone says that to me I always get a slight sinking feeling in my stomach. Not because I think everyone should like vampire fiction, but because I always dread their reaction to Sanctuary. Will they approach it with an open mind because they’re not really into the genre? Will they just cast it aside and never speak to me about it again? Or will they feel they have to persevere with something that doesn’t really captivate them just because they know me? Because ultimately I don’t want someone to feel they have to read it. I want them to want to read it and yes of course I hope very much they will enjoy it.

And she did. My friend was very open and honest in her opinion of  Sanctuary, even confessing that she found it hard to put down and looked forward to her bedtime reading every night. She even said it provoked some nightmares in her, which I find a small sick pleasure in as I don’t necessarily find Sanctuary scary myself but am glad I have instilled some small sense of fear in others, as ultimately I never really intended it to be a love story between Michael and Sarah. I wanted something more gritty and unrelenting than that.

So in return, I expressed my surprise that she had enjoyed it, 1) because she wasn’t a vamp fan but mostly surprised that 2) she even liked it at all.

But my reaction happens to be the truth. I’m still knocked out when anyone says they like it. I’m still stumped why anyone would want to put aside time to read anything that I write. Because, it’s just my words, you know? Sanctuary was just some crazy idea I had one night as I hallucinated my way through endless night feeds of my new-born baby and somehow I ended up writing it down, and then continued writing until it was done. And I didn’t do it with the intention of anyone ever reading it. I just did it because I enjoyed writing it, and trust me it’s the best therapy you will never have to pay out for.

So yes, I am always surprised and always ever thankful more than I could ever put into words. And if I don’t ever put it into words, know this: if you ever click that like button on here, or send me a tweet or email to tell me your thoughts, I receive everyone with a big goofy smile and a warm heart that radiates for hours afterwards.

Oh dear God, somebody slap me with that kipper before I start crying…..


4 thoughts on “Eternally thankful….

  1. There is very little that feels as good as getting compliments for your work! I’m so glad that the quality of your writing and your characters convinced your friend to stick with – and thoroughly enjoy – Dark Sanctuary!

    P. S. I totally understand the sick pleasure 😉


    1. Absolutely! And people really do not know how much I appreciate their support. Even clicking that little ‘like’ button brings me a lot of joy! Without all of you, I am nothing as a writer 🙂


  2. I am a self confessed bookie but as you know a scifi fan more than vamp books but I agree it was difficult to put down, all be it sitting poolside in gran canaria. Many a cocktail I missed out on cos I was reading. Looking forward to book 2.


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