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Creating Michael….

When you create a character…

you can’t help but love them, whether they be a goodie or a baddie, it doesn’t really matter, because YOU created them. You can see them in your head. You know the type of clothes they would wear, right down to the smallest detail. You know how tall they are and how much they weigh. You can hear their voice, you define their accent and whether they are softly spoken or loud and brash. You know what makes them tick.

You don’t expect other people to love them too, because you know that ultimately they will see something different to you. Because how can someone possibly see the same image that is in your head?

So I always get a little kick when people say that they love Michael, because maybe, just maybe, they are seeing what I am seeing. Or maybe I’ve just managed to portray what it is about him that I love so much.

Whatever it is, it never ceases to light a little spark within.

2 thoughts on “Creating Michael….

  1. I never knew until I started writing myself that it was possible to think of a character you’ve created as a friend, and actually miss them when you lay them aside for one reason or another. For others to like, or even love, them too is one of the best compliments in the world, and I for one can say I absolutely adore Michael. I feel a kind of camaraderie with Sarah and I relate to her because she’s so…normal. I even have a soft spot for some of your baddies.


    1. I do love that so many people have expressed their mutual love for Michael, no matter how they picture him to look or sound, he is definitely difficult not to love and I do get a buzz when people feel the same as I do. I think when you are a writer, you immerse yourself so much into the world and characters you have created that it feels slightly strange not to be without them…..they become a huge part of your life….and so I know that I will feel quite bereaved when book 3 is done. All the more reason to stretch the process out!


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