Conversations with Swan…(That’s Swan, as in Swan my colleague, not A swan…..)

Trawling through old Tumblr posts I found this and it made me laugh all over again. Swan is my work colleague, a really sweet lady from Hong Kong and she is often brutally honest, yet in an incredibly innocent way.

Taken from a post on 25th February 2011

During the endlessly long car journey to Brum yesterday….

Swan: So what did you study at university?

Me: I did two years Theatre Studies at Kent and then two years English Literature at Luton.

Swan: *looking shocked* Really??? (imagine her saying that in a high-pitched Chinese accent) So you did not study the fashion?

Me: No.

Swan: *looking more shocked* Wow. So how did you come to work in fashion?

Me: I seriously have noooooooo idea. I wouldn’t even include it in my Top 5 Life’s Passions. Fashion is not my passion. And yet somehow I have managed to blag a career out of it.

Swan: *looking bewildered* Oh. (long pause) That’s so weird.

I spent the rest of the day wondering what the hell I am doing with my life. I still can’t work it out.


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