Dark Sanctuary

Can Cook, Won’t Eat……

You will never have met a vampire who can whip up a mean Spag Bol.

But if you happen to be looking for one, then Michael’s your man. He also happens to be able to run pretty damn fast, scale a building without a ladder and can save a girl from a burning building, all without the need for a rather snazzy Superman outfit. Although he’d probably look damn good in one, let’s be honest.

But despite the heroics, don’t be fooled into thinking he’s a 100% good guy. He is a vampire after all and Sarah will tell you that you can never trust them. No matter how beautiful their eyes might be.

With a slight leaning towards the looks of a certain King of Leon, there’s no wonder he has charmed his way with many human females to get whatever it is he happened to want at that time; money, honey or blood.

He lies, although never maliciously. He has numerous houses and hideaways dotted around should he need them. He has no qualms in killing his own kind should the situation call for it and he has even less qualms about killing a human.

Oh and did I mention he has a beard??

Please read my Sanctuary posts for more on Michael!

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