Lost Creatures


I’ve just realised that I’ve blogged more now on Sebastian than I have on Michael, my leading man.

I’m going to do some blog posts on Michael over the next week or so to rectify this but I have to say, Sebastian is definately worth blogging about.

I just love it when a character gets under your skin and you enjoy every moment writing about them. That’s how it is with Sebastian.

Modelled a teensy bit on Nick Brown from Mona – check out the hair, the cocky self-assuredness, he’s not so tall but stands head and shoulders above the rest (sorry about the last bit Nick) – Sebastian is also a clean-freak, obsessed with the way he looks, arrogant, snobbish,  dangerous and has a sarcastic streak that I simply adore.

He’s the King of One-Liners. His house is like a show-home. His followers model themselves on him. Even the women.

Oh and he’s smells better than any man you’ll ever meet.

What more could a girl want?

Except maybe a beard…..but then again that’s Michael’s territory.

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