Lost Creatures

‘Stepford Wives, Braxton Husbands’ – excerpt from Sanctuary 2

Sebastian stood at the bottom of the staircase, talking to a young boy who looked strikingly like him. He had his hair styled in the same way; same skinny jeans, same v-neck t-shirt; only this boy looked about fifteen. As Ryan and I made our way over to where they stood, the boy turned and gawped at me as if I were the one that looked strange.

‘Ah Sarah, there you are. You’re awfully slow, you know. This is Russell. Russell, meet our new friend Sarah’

The way he said friend, set my teeth on edge. Russell continued to stare at me; his eyes travelling from my face down to my feet and up again.

‘What’s wrong?’ I sniped ‘never seen anyone who doesn’t keep their hair short and slick it back into a quiff before?’

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed and he tilted his head slightly but I swore I saw the corner of his mouth twitch. He leaned in closer to Russell so his mouth was level with his ear.

‘Don’t be rude, Russell, say hello as I couldn’t bear her to crack another appalling attempt at a joke’

‘Who said I was joking?’ I shot back ‘this is like a Stepford Wives remake. Only you could call it Braxton Husbands or something’

‘He doesn’t make me dress like this. I want to’ squeaked Russell.

‘Good for you, Russell’ I half-smiled, raising my eyebrows.

‘Oh for goodness sake!’ sighed Sebastian ‘Russell, just disappear will you, this is getting embarrassing’

Russell had the decency to flush scarlet and almost looked like he might cry as he made a very hasty exit towards the lounge.

I followed Sebastian up the stairs with Ryan shadowing me close behind. I felt so small in comparison to the mighty staircase that was flanked on both sides by huge paintings. I had no idea if they were antiques but they were incredibly beautiful and ornately framed.

‘Did MTV Cribs call yet?’ I said to Sebastian as we reached the first level, where the stairs split off to either side of the landing above.

He turned and looked at me very seriously, with those dark eyes and I waited for him to throw me over the banister.

‘Did anyone ever tell you that you should be on the stage?’ he asked, raising an eyebrow.

You’re a regular comedian.

‘Yes. Once’ I replied meekly.

I felt Sebastian’s eyes bore into me and I couldn’t help but feel like he could read my mind. He just had this way of looking at me like he was delving into every nook and cranny of my brain, digesting every last morsel of my memories and deepest thoughts.

‘Interesting’ he mused, although I couldn’t work out whether he was being sarcastic and that he didn’t really find me interesting at all.


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011


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