Lost Creatures

‘No one seems to take revenge seriously these days’

I climbed into the back seat of Sebastian’s Merc once again only this time I had Damien for company. He didn’t really say anything as I buckled up and kept his eyes averted out of the car window. I noticed he was biting furiously at his nails and his fingertips looked red and sore as if he had been doing it for some time.

Sebastian’s scent drifted around the car and I wondered if Ryan was also wearing the same aftershave, it was so strong.

Nobody spoke for some time. I had an urge to lean through the front seats and switch the radio on to relieve the tension. The fact that Damien wouldn’t even look my way was starting to get on my nerves. In fact, he had pushed himself as close to his door as possible as if he felt sitting on the very same seat as me was disgusting to him.

‘Does Michael know you betrayed him?’ I eventually said.

Damien whipped his head round immediately and stared at me, his eyes full of shocked pain.

‘I was just wondering whether he’ll be pleased to see you?’ I kept my face calm and expressionless.

‘He knows’ said Sebastian, turning to look at us both, smiling thinly.

‘How do you know that?’ I asked.

‘Marcus cannot resist twisting the knife. He told you, didn’t he? Trust me; he would have revelled in telling Michael. Another way to torture his pet’

I frowned, not wanting the whole torture thing to be true, but feeling my gut twist in the knowledge that my father probably had tortured Michael; if his bruises and wounds in my dream were anything to go by.

‘The real question is, what will Michael do, I wonder? Will he forgive? Or will he take revenge? What do you think Damien?’ he stared at Damien, a smirk playing on his lips.

‘I deserve his revenge’ mumbled Damien miserably ‘I deserve nothing else’

‘Well, whatever happens, I do hope it’s incredibly exciting. Sarah here has already let me down in the revenge stakes. No one seems to take revenge seriously these days. It’s such a disappointment’

‘Look whatever Michael does decide to do; I don’t see that it’s really any of your business! This whole situation hasn’t been created simply for your own amusement. These are real people with real feelings!’

I saw Ryan quickly glance at me in the rear view mirror and Damien sat staring at me with his eyes wide. Sebastian turned his full attention on me, turning his body in his chair so he could get a better look at me. It wasn’t a good look either.

‘Says the girl who doesn’t believe vampires can have feelings? Sarah, let me tell you something about me. I am no Good Samaritan. I don’t generally come to people’s aid unless they are part of my den or unless it will benefit me in some way. And I would certainly not put my people or myself at risk for a rogue vampire and some arrogant human who steals my food and has an irritating voice. Everything that happens now is very much my business. Now if you don’t mind, I’d quite like it if you kept quiet, I don’t really want to have to talk to you during the journey, turning around like this is making crease-marks in my clothes’


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011

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