Lost Creatures

‘Dead bodies have a tendency to smell’ – excerpt from Sanctuary 2

The hours dragged by and I ended up back in the kitchen, standing in front of the fridge, not hungry in the slightest, just drawn back there out of boredom. It was there, standing with my head in the fridge, that Sebastian found me. I never heard him, but the sudden increase in the buzzing sensation made me whirl around and my cheeks flushed crimson as I took in his expression. His face was completely blank apart from one raised eyebrow.

‘Do you usually take people’s food without asking?’ he said.

‘Um…no…sorry’ I said, hastily shutting the fridge door ‘I was ..um…hungry and bored, sorry I didn’t mean to be rude’

He stepped closer.

‘You know, in some countries, the penalty for stealing is having your hand cut off’

‘Well I think it’s usually a fine here or maybe a small prison term?’

‘Here as in this country or here as in this house?’

‘Um…in this country’ I replied.

He walked over and I held my breath as he reached his arm out and then I exhaled sharply as he grabbed hold of the fridge door and surveyed the damage I had done. His eyes wandered over the shelves and he looked back at me very steadily.

‘Good thing really, as if I did enforce that kind of penalty for stealing I could have ordered the removal of all your limbs on the basis of the food you have taken. For a relatively small human, you can really eat a rather impressive amount’

His eyes ran down my body, lingering somewhat uncomfortably on my midriff and he looked back up at my face with the same unreadable expression.

‘Are you still hungry?’ he asked ‘I think I would like to watch you eat’

Vampires have this real thing about watching humans eat. I always remembered the time Michael cooked for me back in my little grey cottage. It had been Spaghetti Bolognese a la Vamp and he had watched me devour every last morsel with a very strange look on his face. I had no desire to let Sebastian watch me eat. The thought pulled at my guts.

‘I’m not hungry’ I insisted.

‘Shame’ he replied quickly and curtly.

‘Why do you keep food here anyway? I don’t get it, you’re not going to eat any of it, so why stock your kitchen up?’ I couldn’t resist but ask the question.

‘Well we have guests from time to time. Guests who happen to have very different dietary requirements to our own. Guests who wait to be served rather than take for themselves’

‘Oh. You feed people before you kill them?’

Now his expression did crack and he threw back his head and laughed.

‘Sarah, we do not kill anyone here. We feed, but we do not kill’

‘I don’t understand? You’re telling me you don’t kill humans?’

‘Of course we do. We just don’t do it here. Any humans that come here are our guests, they come here to be fed upon, yes, but they come here willingly and not by force. This is my home. Why on earth would I want dead bodies piling up around me? Dead bodies have a tendency to smell’


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011

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