Lost Creatures

Excerpt from Chapter 17 – Sanctuary 2 Introducing Sebastian…

Sebastian walked over to the window which was covered by a blanket and he ripped it down from where it was attached to the frame, allowing the moonlight to bathe the room. He sighed deeply as if it pleased him to see the night sky and I shimmied my backside closer to the edge of the chair, feeling my muscles coil like springs, read to propel my whole body forward when the time was right.

‘Of course, I think that the knowledge that you are now with me, will send Marcus half-blind with rage. Now I could trade you in order to retrieve Michael or I could just keep you for myself a little longer, dangle you in front of Marcus like a delicious carrot. Hmmm….can you imagine how torturous that would be for him? His beloved only daughter with his greatest enemy! I think I am going to have such fun with this, I really do! Oh and Sarah, don’t bother running. I didn’t come here alone. You’ll never make it out of the front door and then I would be very offended to think that you didn’t want to stay in my company’

I swallowed hard and turned to look at him. He grinned at me, revealing long fangs.

‘Your heart beats like the most beautiful music, you know. It really is most exciting to hear’ he stepped closer ‘it’s not just fear that I can detect; it’s anger too. I can almost see why Michael is so intrigued by you. It’s rare to find a female who feels nothing but abject terror whenever she realises she is in the company of a vampire. Oh of course, you get the death hags; you know Gothy types who court pain and darkness, but even those ones never feel anger towards you. They say they don’t fear you, but their heart always betrays them. But you; you are of a different breed altogether, aren’t you?’

He reached forward and twirled a lock of my hair around his fingers. The tingling sensation intensified as it ran up into my hair follicles and radiated through my scalp. Feeling the same prickling in his fingertips, he pulled back his hand, studying it and then touched my head again, smiling as he did so.

‘You know, I’ve never let a sensor live long enough to experience that feeling. It’s fascinating and strangely pleasant. I may have to think twice about handing you back. I wonder how it would feel to have you lay with me? I’m one of them ‘try everything once’ kind of guys, you know? Never one to miss out on something new and exciting. And you definitely excite me, Sarah’

I flushed and tried to pull back from his touch, but he didn’t let go and I yelped as I felt him tug on the roots of my hair. He laughed and untangled his fingers. I rubbed the sore spot and scowled at him.

‘Why the Hell did Michael and the others think it was a good idea to seek help from you?’

‘Simple’ Sebastian replied ‘because they knew that I was the only one that would help them, particularly if I knew that Marcus’ daughter was involved’

‘When is everyone going to stop using me as human bargaining chip? If you have a problem with Marcus, go have it out with him. I don’t care. In fact, why don’t you all go have a big war and kill each other? That would be so much better and then maybe I won’t have to deal with you all again’

‘Where’s the fun in war? Torturous mind games are more my thing. Then physical pain; prolonged physical pain. Now that would be fun and it would only be what Marcus deserves’

‘This thing you have with my father, this is all because of a woman?’

Sebastian charged forward again and I pinned myself into the confines of the chair, pushing my back up against the cushion behind me as he gripped the arms of the chair and brought his face very close to mine. His eyes were hard and cruel now, danger flickering across the surface of his face.

‘You want to make sure your bravado doesn’t reveal a distinct lack of respect, Sarah. Dominique is not just a woman. She is an Elder and someone we should all revere and look up to. You think that because you are Marcus’ only child and a sensor that you can always say what you want and we will all humour you? You need to learn to respect the world that you have now found yourself in. You need to appreciate and honour the hierarchy that exists within our culture. Because one day, you will come across far more important Elders than Dominique, and trust me, your witty comments and pretty face will get you nowhere’

I looked into his eyes, wanting with all my soul to look away from the darkness within, but not wanting to show any signs of weakness. Something told me I needed to stand my ground with this one. Scary as Hell he might be, but I had a feeling if I showed him my fear, then at some point he would twist me and pull me apart with these mind games that he seemed to have such a penchant for. Clearing my throat, I did my best to relax my position.

‘I’m sorry if you mistake my words for disrespect, because I mean none. But because I am not one of you, I see her in a very different way. It’s not that I don’t appreciate who she is, but I find it hard to talk about her with the same reverence seeing as she has wanted to kill me since I first stepped foot in Marcus’ den. She was responsible for the torture of one of my friends plus the deaths of countless others. I don’t know exactly what went on with you three, but I know she was with you and then she was with him. I don’t understand her and I don’t want to. She might be an Elder but she means nothing to me’

Sebastian remained rooted in front of me the whole time I was talking and I noticed he raised his eyebrows at one point and frowned. I waited, half expecting him to strike my jugular at any moment. Instead he stared at me with the same intensity that he had when he had first crouched in front of me, and then he exhaled loudly and deeply.

‘You really are a fascinating human, aren’t you? I don’t often care very much for humans but I am finding you incredibly interesting’

‘I’d rather you didn’t’ I gulped.

‘Oh trust me, Sarah; it is so much better for you that I do find you interesting, because the moment I find you boring, well, let’s just say that won’t work out so well for you. Do you best to keep me entertained, won’t you? Now come along, we have people to see, things to discuss, games to play’

He stood up and whirled around, heading towards the door.

‘This is the point that you follow me’ he said, without bothering to look back.


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2011

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