Dark Sanctuary

An excerpt from Sanctuary….

I felt something soft touch my cheek and trace a line down my face.

I smiled but didn’t open my eyes.

Someone stood behind me, with arms wrapped around my upper body. I felt calm and relaxed and safer than I had in years.

I could have slept forever.

‘How do you feel?’ whispered his voice, close to my ear.

‘Mmmm wonderful’ I said ‘Warm. Safe’

‘Safe?’ he said, sounding alarmed.


‘Do you really believe that?’

‘Yes, it feels really good. I want this to last forever’

‘Forever is a long time, Sarah’

‘I know. I just wish it would never end’

He moved so he could whisper in my other ear.

‘Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you should be careful what you wish for?’

‘My mother?’ I frowned.

Suddenly he pushed me from behind and I fell, stumbling to the floor, eyes now wide open and in shock. I turned to find him looming over me, his face cold and eyes blank. As he moved closer and closer, he smiled wickedly and ran his tongue over his teeth.

I was begging him not to but he just laughed loud and hard.

I closed my eyes tight shut.

As I slipped under I was screaming and I could hear my vampire-mother’s laughter echoing through the darkness.   


Copyright (c) 2010 Lindsey Clarke

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