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Screwing with the vampire myth

Recently I was browsing through Tumblr when I should have been doing far more constructive things when a post caught my eye – something about ‘If vampires have no reflection, how did Edward make his hair so gay?’ – my first reaction was too chuckle (sorry Twilight die-hards) and then I read the comment beside it, talking about how Stephanie Meyer had screwed up the vampire myth….’way to go, Stephanie Meyer’ apparently.

 It really made me think about how conscious I was to interpret vampires in the way I wanted to, whilst not straying totally from the path of the true myth as I know this hacks of the vampire fans.  

Much of Sarah’s early years in Sanctuary were actually taken from my childhood – the place she grew up in is where I grew up, okay so the house is not the same, but the streets are, as is the tree in which she conspires with her friends, as is the lane and field in which she first encounters the vampire Bourne (and yes I AM going to change his name). Makes me think of Matt Damon….and hence Team America….MATT DA-MON! And of course he looks nothing like Matt Damon as we all know, Matt Damon is a hobbit and quite possibly therefore distantly related to yours truly.

But….the point is that when I wrote about her childhood, it was very real to me (although thank goodness my mother has NEVER called me a curse, and plumped rather affectionately instead for ‘Dolly Daydream – stop laughing NOW!) so I wanted to introduce the vampires in a way that it seemed believable, whilst still trying to weave in strands of the supernatural and not offending the vampire-loving masses too much (for I count myself as one of them too).

So, letting my vampires walking around during the daytime was simply never going to happen, nor was garlic-intervention, or problems using a mirror when trying to style their hair and turning into a bat or puff of smoke was completely out of the question. But I wanted to make sure people knew, these vampires can be hurt….they can bleed….and most importantly…..they’re not the undead. Because when you’re dead….well, you’re dead, right? Having someone rise from the grave with a pair of nice pointy fangs, just seems like taking it a bit too far….well for Sanctuary anyway….what’s good for the goose, isn’t necessarily good for the gander haha.

Plus the thought of Sarah ever actually getting jiggy with a dead man actually turns my stomach.

Oh did I say too much? Book 2 coming soon…..da-da-daaaaaaah! *drum roll*

One thought on “Screwing with the vampire myth

  1. I’ve always liked your take on the vampire myth. You’ve kept some of the elements that are fully entrenched in all our minds (like the sunlight thing) but discarded a bunch of the totally ridiculous whimsy that’s been added to the pile over the decades. I find it much more interesting to read and more realistic too (as much as any vampire fiction can be realistic anyway).


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