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Snow Dance

There is a winter wonderland outside my door

That has crushed my spirit until I can feel no more,

This soft blanket of snow has covered the houses and road,

I want to see its beauty, but can feel only the cold,

It seeps into my bones and under my skin,

Its icy touch reaching my heart deep within,

I press my face to the window and dream of the sun,

That will banish the winter and the evil it’s done,

When suddenly I spy a footprint in the snow,

Then one more, and one more and on they go,

They twist and they turn, making patterns on the ground,

I watch enthralled not making a sound,

For there is no one there, not a soul can be seen,

Only snowflakes falling in the street light beam,

And still the patterns form, footprints making swirls,

Getting faster and faster, until my heads in a whirl,

But then I spy a figure standing by the streetlight,

He smiles for a second, then is gone with the night,

With the next moon, I wait by the window, with thumping heart

And sure enough, he appears, to dance in the dark,

He pirhouettes on the ice, spins with arms in the air,

He sparkles in the moonlight, snowflakes in his hair,

Sometimes he acts the clown, he tumbles and trips,

I can’t help but feel the smile on my lips,

I’m saddened in spirit when he is gone,

I no longer desire to see the sun,

I yearn for the night, for his movement and grace,

To watch the moonlight dance off his pale face,

But its his eyes that have stolen my soul,

They speak of sorrow, lonliness and woe,

His eyes mirror mine, they yearn for more,

My heart won’t stop hammering as I reach for the door,

Out in the moonlight, he waits for me there,

My skin feels the icy touch of the cold night air,

Gently he takes my hand and spins me around,

Our feet making patterns over snowy ground,

The streelamp is our spotlight, the pavement our stage,

We dance our performance for what seems like an age,

We twirl and we fly like snowflakes falling in the breeze,

He whispers my name and we fall to our knees,

Like two lovers in the snow, there we embrace,

His fingers are soft and cool on my face,

He smiles softly, a flash of sharp white from within,

And I smile back as his teeth pierce my skin.


Copyright (c) Lindsey Clarke 2010 all rights reserved

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