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Open The Windows

Open the windows, let the fresh air in,

Its been ages since I felt that breeze on my skin,

I’ve struggled in vain to blow the cobwebs away,

You’ve no idea how hard it is to keep the spiders at bay,

They’ve creeped and crawled and infested my mind,

I’ve been suffocated in the dark brooding threads that they bind,

Some days it’s so dark, I scream for the light,

I bang on the windows, can’t give up the fight,

But the harder I struggle, the tighter the web becomes,

And the spiders move in, sensing their work is almost done,

Suddenly I spy a chink of light in the gloom,

A glint in his eye, a smile that lights up the room,

Laughter so sweet as he runs through the park,

He never fails to banish the dark,

So I throw curtains wide and let the light in,

Open the windows and feel air on my skin,

I want it to last, I only hope that it can,

For the dark wants to change the person I am.

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