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Book-writing, blood-lust and blogging

I’m 35 years old, almost 36 and although I am considered quite ancient by some (most notably my 9 year old niece who thinks my age has great comedy value), I have never actually considered myself old. That is until I started researching this blogging malarkey and now I feel practically archaic. The fact that I also said the word ‘malarkey’ is a dead give-away that I was born pre-eighties and that I probably remove my skin at night to reveal that I am, in fact, a dinosaur with rather fetching red hair (out of interest, you will also find that anyone who does say the word ‘malarkey’ is also deadly opposed to the words ‘totes’, ‘awesome’ and anything that replaces the letter ‘s’ with ‘z’).

However, into the world of the bloggers, I have stepped with my comfortable shoes and have so far been able to hide the fact to my Tumblr followers that they have an ‘oldie’ in their midst. I am quite surprised that I have not yet been outed in a blaze of teenage outrage that I have dared to step into their world. Y U NO GO BINGO, GRANNY.

But the sad fact remains that I feel not so much like a duck out of water, but like a duck walking through a Gordon Ramsey restaurant wondering why the Hell ol’ Gordon has a sneaky glint in his eye and is juggling oranges.

That’s right. The world of the blogger actually scares me. I will fully admit that I rarely know what I am doing. On Tumblr, I still struggle to learn the social media etiquette. If someone reblogs or ‘likes’ your post, do you follow their blog? If you don’t follow their blog, will you be cast into some Bermuda Tumblr Triangle or branded with a ‘T’ on your forehead as a warning to all those newbie bloggers to get it right?

Well, whatever the etiquette, I have to say I love a bit of Tumblr. When I actually manage to prise some free time from my schedule of work-family-sleep, I find myself quite addicted to that place. Initially I created my Tumblr blog as a way to post excerpts from my novel, Sanctuary and the odd random piece of (usually quite depressive) poetry but I soon discovered that most people who read my writing posts were friends who only clicked on the links via Twitter and did not have Tumblr blogs, so usually each post was marked with a highly depressing and rather humilating ‘0 notes’ tab by the side of it. Not to matter, I thought (well that’s what I will pretend I said, when in fact I did actually sulk petulantly for a while and declared to all that I was going to delete my Tumblr blog).

But then I got sucked into a world of re-blogging and now spend much of my time earning followers by re-blogging pictures of 1) cakes/desserts 2) Eric from True Blood (usually half-naked) 3) pictures of Followills and every now and then inserting a new post of my own that is vampire based and full of blood-lust.

This, I have discovered,  seems to be the key to successful Tumblr blogging. Tempt people with sugar, naked men, rock n roll and fangs.

Now if that would only work with this blog………

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